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12 Ways to Guarantee Failure!

Are you looking for ways to guarantee complete failure?

Well, good news – I’ve definitely failed at trying A LOT of different things that I strongly felt would be a success. I’ve even had some of these fears, doubts and failures that were limiting me from greatness and even better, I get to share a few of those failures with you guys to give you 12 ways to guarantee failure as well!

If you want to guaranteed failure…

1. Be afraid to fail and make mistakes.

Let’ see – I’ve failed at social media. I’ve failed at thinking websites would make me a legit business owner. I’ve failed at spending thousands of dollars (that I didn’t have) to attend conferences that definitely weren’t for me. I’ve tried buying leads and using landing pages for email marketing campaigns and trust me, none of that worked.

You name it – I guarantee I’ve tried and failed at it all.

2. Stay skeptical

Those who can’t put their ego away (remember, your ego is not your amigo) and trust the process because they’re skeptical will fail. At some point, you have to trust the advice that you’re getting because you’re getting it for a reason.

Be coachable and open to learning more.

3. Be more concerned with self image than solution providing.

A lot of people are concerned about “what my friends might think” and because of this, it will prevent them from bettering themselves.

It’s kind of like when people are scared to tell others that they see a mental health counselor because their friends might judge them.

Dude…you’re seeking a counselor to better yourself – that’s a good thing! It’s the people who have issues and DON’T seek help that you should be worried about. If you’re doing something to better your life, your family’s life, or make an impact on other’s liveswhy do you care what people think?

4. Stay overwhelmed or confused.

If you’re overwhelmed or confused it’s because you’re focused on the wrong things. I’m assuming it’s way easier to just say, “I’m just so overwhelmed right now and confused on how to get started” instead of simply getting started.

Tip of advice – either prioritize the things that actually matter to you or listen to this podcast right here to help you manage your life as an adult.

5. Decide you know already.

There’s nothing better…(insert sarcasm)…than working with something who knows how to do everything already. Or, even better…(slapping you with sarcasm here)…is when people hear your advice or training tips and then decide that they’ll do it “their way” instead.

These people aren’t coachable. Move on.

6. Don’t try.

…because why try when it’s just easier not to?

7. Let your fears or emotions dictate your actions.

Fear is a terrible problem if it is keeping you from making your life better, like losing weight and keeping it off, getting a better job, having a good relationship or doing and having any number of things that would make your life happier.

I’ve watched people become scared-stiff to get started on a new venture or something that could catapult their life into complete awesomeness, but they’re too scared of either not being successful or scared of actually being successful. What the…?

Here’s the only way to get over your fears – ask yourself if remaining the same in your current crappy situation (i.e. being broke, overweight, living in your parent’s basement) means more to you than what your life would look like if you decide to change everything (i.e. financial independence, healthy, living life on your terms).

8. Stop learning.

If you’re complacent with where your life’s at, don’t pick up a book from some successful dude who went from “rags to riches” and is willing to tell you everything you need to know to be successful, step-by-step, and exactly how to go from GOOD to GREAT.

I mean, why would you invest a few hundred dollars in learning a skill that could make you thousands of dollars from someone who probably spent well over $20,000 to just learn this new skill?

Nah, nope…keep playing Xbox. #boomheadshot

9. Take advice from people whose lifestyle you do not want.

There are a lot of guru’s out there, guys.

They’ll tell you everything you need to know…things like how many times you should post on Facebook when running a business on social media.

But do these gurus work for Facebook? Then why the hell are they considered a social media expert on Facebook? Stop it.

If you want to make $20,000/week paychecks in your business, ask advice from someone who’s done it. They have the business tips and the lifestyle that you want!

10. Aim to please or only say what others want to hear.

A huge thing that I had to understand is that success simply isn’t for everyone. There’s nothing you can say to make people want success as badly as you want it for them.

I know you want to be nice and friendly, but you’re actually doing more harm if you tell them what they want to hear instead of what they need to hear.

Never bullshit someone because you’re afraid you might lose them. If they can’t handle the truth, they can’t handle success.

11. Own what other people say about you.

Listen, people are going to talk smack – always.

They aren’t talking smack about you because it’s a reflection of you. It’s a reflection of them and 99.99% of the time it’s out of spite and jealousy because you’re on your way to success. Honestly, they don’t have the balls that you have for bettering your life so it’s much easier to talk smack about you instead of join you.

12. Wait until the time is right.

Does this even exist? When is that time?

I don’t know when that time actually is, but I’m very certain that there will never be a perfect time in life to get started. Pretty cliché, right?

Here’s why…

Too many people never succeed because they over-analyze every little thing to make sure it’s perfect before getting started. Everything has to align together just right and when that time comes, that’s when they’ll be ready to rock and roll.

Bullshit. Save yourself some time from these people because once they actually do get started, they’ll over-analyze some more instead of actually taking action.




I hope these 15 tips have helped you on your path to success. If it did, be sure to leave me for feedback in the comments section below.

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