MLM Goal Setting: How to Set SMART Goals Like A Pro!
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MLM Goal Setting: How to Set SMART Goals Like A Pro!

The purpose of MLM goal setting is to give you the long term vision for your life and business. Here are two SMART goals to focus on in Network Marketing.

If you don’t want to make this new year in 2018 a complete waste, you need to get excited to set goals for yourself because what gets measured, gets improved.

These are the two areas of goal setting in your business that you want to focus on and master for the duration of your MLM career.

 How to Set SMART Goals Like A Pro!

1. You’ll need a Marketing Game Plan.

Marketing is super simple and a lot of fun when done correctly. The biggest tip of advice for using social media marketing is to stop trying to be a salesperson and start being an educator.

You’ve probably had days where you’ve scrolled Facebook or Instagram and came across posts that said, “Join my team today. Only 2 spots left!” or how about “Ask me about my product- it’s 25% off today only!

That style of marketing is for amateurs and they never last long in the MLM industry.

However, when you teach tips and give valuable content on social media, this is the easy and fastest way to be seen as an authority in your market and in your industry. This is also known as “Attraction Marketing.”

The best way to attract prospects to your business is by either teaching what you’ve learned on a Facebook Live Video or creating a blog post on your website!

How much valuable content will you teach each week?

You want to basically out-teach your competitors because when you start giving more, more, and more value…that’s when the big paychecks come in!

2. You’ll also need a Prospecting Game Plan.

One big recommendation I can make when it comes to setting SMART goals in MLM is that you want to always focus on your numbers that are tied to activity, not results.

What that would look like is “controlling what you can control” by simply focusing on how many people you invite to watch a business opportunity video instead of how many people you sign up.

You can’t control how many people you sign up each week. You can control the number of people you talk to about either your MLM business or product though!

What will your number of prospecting invites be each week?

And remember, you just want to see who’s open to taking a look at your opportunity. If they tell you no, no big deal. When someone says no, they aren’t telling you no…they’re telling themselves no because they don’t have the courage to do what you’re doing to push your life forward.

3. Reward Yourself WEEKLY!

Listen, too many Network Marketers are giving up too soon on their goals and dreams. You need to pat yourself on the back for hitting your activity goals each week and for turning an old habit into a new habit.

Once you get the hang of being consistent and hitting your numbers daily, start challenging yourself to do more. Remember to always track because what gets measured, gets improved.

I hope these MLM tips on setting SMART goals has helped and I would love your feedback in the comments section below.

I wish you all the success in the world!






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