3 Tips for Increasing Your Conversion Rate in MLM
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3 Powerful Tips for Increasing Your Conversion Rate in MLM

I’m going to assume that since you’re either brand new to Network Marketings or you’ve had years of experience, you’re actively searching for the best trainings tips to help you increase your conversion rate or sales in your MLM business.

Say no more, fam.

I strongly believe these three tips provided and the video below will surprise you, but it will absolutely help you boost your sales and sign ups greatly in your business and apply these network marketing tips in the video below that are guaranteed for success.

And if you find value from this, comment below with your feedback.

3 Tips for Increasing Your Conversion Rate in MLM

1. You Must Forget The Sign Up.

This is also known as “posture.” In order to increase your sales conversion rate, you must take the emotion out of the outcome of whether your MLM prospects tell you “yes” or they tell you “no” when you ask them if they’re at all open to a making additional income on the side.

  • If they say “yes, I’m interested in hearing more information,” don’t get so excited and happy and OMG! I CANT WAIT TO TELL YOU EVERYTHING! Just be cool.
  • If they say, “no, I want nothing to do with whatever you’re doing,” don’t get upset and start questioning your self worth and wondering if the business is right for you. Just be cool and move on!

Your main focus should be on simply asking people if they’re open to taking a look at what you have to offer and see if it will be a solution to their problems. If you want to get excited about anything, reward yourself for the activity of asking people if they’re open to taking a look at your business opportunity.

When you forget about the sign up, this prevents;

  • Asking yourself, “how should I respond when someone says this..?” because you’re not looking for sly sales pitches/rebuttals to sign people up.
  • Asking yourself, “how can I get this person in my business..?” because you aren’t looking for a fast sign up bonus, but a long term business partners who are going to stick and are serious about building a business with you.

2. Find Their Problems!

I briefly mentioned above that you are simply asking your MLM prospects if they are at all open to taking a look at your business opportunity to see if it will be a solution to their problems.

Listen…Everyone has problems.

  • Your prospect might need more money to pay for a wedding.
  • Your prospect might need more excitement in their life.
  • Your prospect might need more travel or a community to be part of.

After your prospect has said they are interesting in hearing more details about what you’re doing, you should ask,  “Great. Just curious, what has you interested?

This will increase your sales conversion rate by almost 70% because it’s no longer just a sales pitch for them to join your MLM business, but more about seeing how you or your opportunity can better serve them and help solve their problems.

Doesn’t that make you feel better? You’re not here to sell, sell, sell but to simply see if people are at all open to making an additional income and this “sales technique” will help you impact more people’s lives when you help them solve their problems.

3. Cover What Is Asked.

This “sales conversion strategy” is what’s known as listening and reflecting.

Now that you’ve shown your business opportunity to someone and they like what they saw, ask them what they liked and be ready to write their answers down.

  • If they enjoy the car program that your company offers, write it down.
  • If they liked how the company has an annual trip they can earn, write it down.
  • If they love how the compensation plan will help them earn an extra $500/month, write it down.

The reason this network marketing recruiting tip is so powerful is because you’re not forcing what YOU want on them, but instead simply helping them see into the future with how your opportunity will help them solve their problems.

An example would be…when I started in Network Marketing, I wanted to become the #1 Top Earner, travel 5x a year on vacation with family and friends, have a comfortable savings account and invest, and have totally control and freedom of my time.

That probably won’t be the same reason your prospect is interested though.

They might want to start a MLM business so they can get out of student debt, pay for day care each week, or be part of a cool community of people who are uplifting.

So, be sure to listen and reflect by talking to them about what’s important to them and asking them why that’s important to them.

This allows them to future pace and see that you will help guide them with this opportunity and help them achieve what they’re looking to accomplish.

In conclusion…

Sales in MLM or Network Marketing has a bad reputation and it’s 100% up to the distributors to ensure that it’s a smart and lucrative business for people to join. When done correctly, sales is simply offering a solution to people’s problems. Apply these three MLM tips to your business to just see if people are open to taking a look to what you have to offer and if they’re interested, great..and if not, totally cool.

You will see your conversion rate grow in your MLM business while having more fun leaving a larger impact on other’s lives.

I wish you all success!

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