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5 MLM Tips for Effective Team Building

Frustrated with Team Building? This blog will shed some light and give you some powerful MLM tips for effective team building.

Last night, my fiancé and I invested in a training for the next year to help us study leadership and how to grow a large organization within network marketing. I highly recommend hiring a coach or business mentor to help you get to the next level in your MLM business.

This is what we can share after the first day of hiring our mentor.

5 MLM Tips for Effective Team Building

1. Inspire, don’t motivate.

It’s true that 80% of building an effective team inside network marketing is inspiring people, instead of trying to motivate them to put in the work.

Maybe you’re someone who pulls their hair out trying to motivate others to do the work and you can’t figure out why they don’t want success as badly as you do.

You are a business mentor, not a motivator.

It’s not up to you to motivate your team or incentivize them with gifts. Building an effective MLM team has nothing to do with finding a new trainings, tricks, tips, or strategies to help your team build their business.

They have to decide to step it up and be a leader themselves.

You have no idea how many recruits it will take for you to find just one leader. Also, you will have no idea when you find your leader.

Mark Yarnell says, “it takes 12 leaders in your organization for you to make $1 million a year in your MLM business. and half of those leaders will leave or stop building.”

That sucks, right? Well, it makes sense.

Big companies like Google or Verizon lose big people all the time and so will you. This is why it’s important for you to step up as a leader, constantly be prospecting and recruiting every day, and inspire your team with your story (or a teammate’s story) instead of trying to motivate your team to step up and put in the work to grow an effective team.

2. You need to lead the pack.

You set the pace for your team when it comes to building an effective team. Unfortunately, your team will do 50% of what you do. That means if you prospect for 1 hour a day, they’ll do 30 minutes. If you read personal development for 15 minutes a day, they’ll barely even pick up a book or invest in trainings.

You should be doing what you want your team to do.

And, make sure they’re seeing you do it. If your company has a contest for the month, go win the contest. If there’s a leadership board for Top Income Earner, your name better be on that board.

You need to prospect and recruit to build an effective MLM team.

You have to be “in the trenches” with your sleeves up and willing to put in the work or your team won’t do anything. If you’re not willing to put the work in and simply tell everyone else what to do, you’re more of a manager than a leader when it comes to building a team. Focus on prospecting and recruiting daily, and figure out a way to show them the work you’re putting in.

3. Do NOT manage your team!

This is where most leaders will fall through the cracks. They will start their new MLM business and start growing their team. After recruiting about 50 people into their team, they’ll sit back and go into “manager mode.”

Some people will say, “that’s really cool that you sponsored 20 people last month, but I train my team instead.

That’s a bullshitter.

Instead of managing your team, share your personal stories with them or success stories from your teammates who were struggling and found a way to overcome that struggle.

Stories are very powerful. Again, stories will inspire others to get to work because it’s not your job to try and motivate.

Understand that 80% of your downline are not superstars.

Please understand me when I tell you that I’m not here to offend people or talk down to anyone about their work ethic or desire to do great things.

This was extremely hard for me to swallow as well.

Most leaders who are working towards building an effective MLM team will get upset (and go into manager mode) because 80% of their teammates don’t have the desire to build a huge business. Only 5% of your downline will always have success in growing an effective MLM business and will only teach trainings that are tailored to the 5%’ers.

If you want to build an effective MLM team or business that will not stop growing, you must teach very simple concepts that anyone can do. You must create trainings for the 80%’ers and is so simple that a fourth grader could do it.

4. Create an outside culture.

One of the biggest things mentioned by this coach when building an effective team in network marketing is to “build a company inside of your company.

Now you may go to your company events with awesome lights and music, food for everyone, great speakers and key notes trainers, and all that. But what I’m referring to is creating a culture inside of your team where everyone feels appreciated (no matter if they’re an 80%’er or a 5%’er) and a team that people are proud to be part of.

You don’t need to run your own event quite yet, but you can create that environment inside your team page, in your team trainings, and have fun team swag for people to wear and feel part of.

Keep people by the campfire.

This is what our team refers to as making sure everyone in the team (or around the campfire) feels welcomed and appreciated. We have a document in our team page with the core values of our team so everyone is on the same page. There’s an FAQ where people can find the answers to their question in a video and people understand our mission statement. That’s creating an outside culture and keeping people around the campfire.

5. Most people will let you down.

I saved this one for last for a reason. It’s the toughest subject to talk about, but if you’re reading this blog and you visit my Facebook Fan Page often, you know that I’ll always tell you what you need to hear and not what you want to hear.

Most people will let you down.

They won’t do the actions that they say they’re going to do.  Here’s a great quote: “Commitment is doing the thing you said you would do long after the mood to do it has past.” 

A great leader wants everyone in his/her team to pass them. Man, that would be awesome! But not everyone is willing to put in the work that they said they would when they initially signed up.

It’s your responsibility to be vaccinated from this plague.

If you’re building an effective MLM team, I guarantee you will go through the “plague” of beating yourself up and questioning yourself as a leader. You, as a good team leader, are going to want success for them, more than they possibly ever want for themselves.

But, if they don’t do the actions, then you HAVE to recognize that even though you believe they’re not “just a number” in your downline, they’re still a business owner – it is their choice to not do the actions…regardless of your mentorship.

It’s not your job to motivate them out of a rut.

It’s your job to show up daily and inspire them through your actions of  being consistent. Some will. Some won’t. So what?

Do the things you want them to be doing: Prospecting and recruiting. Keep doing it year after year and you’re going to build a million dollar team.

I hope that this has helped you on your way to building an effective and huge MLM team!

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