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5 Tips for NEW Network Marketers

You just started your new online, work from home business and you’re looking for training tips on how to get started in network marketing.

Well, first off, congratulations on your new home-based business! I’m sure you’re excited (and maybe a little nervous) with your new venture so here are five training tips to help you get you get started with your network marketing business.

5 Tips for NEW Network Marketers

1. You are responsible for your own success or failure.

The first key to success in network marketing is understanding the fact that you are the reason for your own success or failure.

Your success (or failure) has nothing to do with your Upline Sponsor, your company, the compensation plan, the people that you talk to about your product, etc etc etc.

This is your business.

  • If your team isn’t performing like you want them to, it’s up to you to recruit more people into your team that do want to build their network marketing business.
  • If people are telling you “no, not interested in the product,” it’s up to you to go talk to more people who are interested in purchasing your product.
  • If you’re not making enough money in your network marketing business, it’s up to you to dive into network marketing trainings and learn how to be better.

By accepting this first tip as a new network marketer, you’ll already be far ahead of every new network marketer who’s looking to become successful in this profession.

2. Educate yourself.

You just became the CEO of your new network marketing business – it’s time to educate yourself on things like prospecting and recruiting scripts, the best tips to use social media to grow your online network marketing business, how to be a better leader, and so on.

Do not try to learn everything at once.

If you feel overwhelmed in your new network marketing business, it’s probably because you’re trying to do too much at once. Pick one topic that you want to become better at and master, and then immerse yourself in that topic.

Take it one step at a time, keep it fun, and be okay with messing up and failing.

3. The beginning is messy.

The beginning is so messy – it’s ugly. You’re brand new in the network marketing profession and you’re excited to tell everyone about your business. You’ve probably seen new network marketers start their business and announce it all over Facebook and run to their family and friends to join their business.

Be prepared for the shit.

I’ve failed way more times than I’ve ever succeeded, but that’s what it takes to be successful as a new network marketer. You have to be willing to go through the messy, disgusting failures so you can figure out what works and what doesn’t work.

If you’re not prepared to fail a few times then being an entrepreneur probably isn’t the right industry to be in.

Accept it and be willing to learn from your mistakes. I guarantee every successful network marketer has made the same mistakes you’ve made.

4. Use your time wisely.

It’s so easy as a new network marketer to be distracted with all the online trainings that are out there. It’s also easy to focus on the “busy work” like starting a new Facebook Fan Page, a new website, creating a training for your team, and so on.

Your time should be focused on the income-producing activities.

Using your time effectively as a new network marketer and focusing on the income-producing activities would consist of prospecting and recruiting.

As a brand new network marketing distributor, you want to see results and you want money coming into your bank account. Focus on getting people to watch a video presentation that simply explains either your product or your business opportunity.

Do that every day and you’ve figured out the secret to success in network marketing.

5. Have patience.

The last tip for all new network marketers is that you have to have patience. You didn’t sign up for a “get-rich-quick scheme” so why would you treat this like you’re going to get rich quick?

Do these daily activities and show up ready to work on the good days as well as the bad days.

It will take time, money, and a lot of sacrifice for you to earn success in the network marketing profession. However, if you’re committed to the long term vision and understand these five tips for all new network marketers you will set yourself up for success in this industry.


I wish you all the success and happiness in the world!

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