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Who is Trey Bearor?

In 2009, I was a recent college graduate working at a full-time job that gave me very little fulfillment and paid me just enough to barely live paycheck to paycheck. I was working harder and longer hours, taking on part-time jobs in the local area, and trying to save enough money to take a little vacation once a year.

Every day felt like I was on autopilot. It was the same meetings each week, sitting at an office desk and answering emails and phone calls, and the only excitement was watching the clock wind down to the last hour to go enjoy the weekend where I could relax.

However, the home live wasn’t so swell either.

We lived in a 1 bedroom apartment for $500/month that didn’t even have a stove oven to cook a warm meal on. We were late on almost every utility bill and sometimes without electricity for a few days. And at this time, I was in a major debt-management program that crushed my credit…which didn’t really matter anyways because we were maxed out on all credit cards anyways.

I came to the realization that working for someone else wasn’t going to provide me the lifestyle that I wanted.

This was the birth of becoming an Entrepreneur in 2013.

I decided to look online at different ways to make an income from home. My fiancé showed me a few friends who were making money online, traveling on vacations, always smiling, and so we decided to reach out to them about their home business.

I’ll be honest with you guys…I didn’t know a thing about sales or online marketing. I didn’t know many people in my area and I didn’t have the credibility to back me up if people called me out on things.

All I knew was that I was tired of being broke, barely living paycheck to paycheck, stressed to the max because we couldn’t get ahead in life, being 40k+ in debt from college loans, and I needed to make a change or else I would be stuck living this way each year that I decided to sit and watch.

In my first year of becoming an Entrepreneur, I was solely focused on how to;

► Create an extra income without finding another part-time job.
► Find the time to be able to take road-trips and adventures with family and friends.
► Have a sense of fulfillment where I enjoyed working my ass off every day.

There were a lot of up’s and down’s along the way; people telling me I was making a huge mistake, college buddies talking behind my back, and a lot of people hoping to see me fail along the way.

Still, I plugged into every online training that I could I find on YouTube or Google; Social Media Marketing, Prospecting and Recruiting, Leadership, and all the Personal Development books I could get my hands on.

I had two choices; allow their opinions to shape whether or not I would change my circumstances or simply get to work and be a product of success.

I chose the latter.

This choice and the desire to change has allowed us to create time, wealth, and freedom in our lives. My fiancé and I were able to leave the small 1 bedroom cabin, work from home every day, become 100% debt-free, travel and enjoy time together, and pursue the true lifestyle of being an Entrepreneur.


We mentor others who are open to creating an extra income, looking to travel and take vacations with friends and family, work from home on their own time and are serious about creating more time, wealth, and freedom in their lives.

Enjoy the blog.


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