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Who is Trey Bearor?


My entrepreneurial journey started back in 2013. I had recently graduated from college with a BA degree in Criminal Justice and I was working as a Social Worker for the past three years until I could find something better and more fulfilling.

Let’s be honest though…I hated my job.

I hated the hour commute to/from work.

I hated the 50-60+ hours of meaningless work.

I hated trading my time for money when I could be traveling the world with my fiancé, but instead I was sitting in the same desk chair returning the same emails to the same colleagues year after year.
I wanted FREEDOM.

Excitement. Being my own boss creating something epic.

Road trips. Vacations 5x a year.
And more MONEY than I ever dreamed of in my bank account.
That’s when I realized that there wasn’t a single job in the universe that would pay me what’s known as “BEACH MONEY.”


What’s this “Beach Money” you speak of??


12376396_1000830443311347_2436454996940325985_nYou know…where you’re making money while having cocktails with friends at the beach. Or when you’re sleeping. Or when you’re traveling from New York to California for “shits & giggles” just because you can. #freedom

That’s what I wanted.

Looking for a solution, I started to engage with the idea of starting my own online business.


I found a company that would enable me to do that in a very low-risk way, with incredibly low overheads, and a hugely popular product that people cannot stop using.

I now spend my time traveling the world with my fiancé and son Jaxon, coaching self-motivated badasses that are truly serious about growing a side income that pays you over and over again… and are looking for the training, support, and zero BS motivation they need to get there.

If you’re a young professional looking for a way to create more time, wealth, and freedom in your life without interfering with your current commitments.. connect with me here.


Chat soon.


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