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advice for expectant dads trey bearor

Advice For My Fellow Expectant Dads

I’d like to start off by saying, I’m not a professional nor do I have my doctorate in being a father. I’m giving my two cents and some simple advice for my fellow expectant fathers.

There will be a lot of changes in your future and these are a few tips that I learned as we are expecting our son’s arrival in November.

So with that said…congratulations on becoming a Dad and the changes that are coming as a soon-to-be father!

Advice for My Expectant Dads

1. Create an Amazon “Wish List”.

Here’s why this is important. To be honest, I gave “zero fucks” about the color of the bedroom, the cool new breast pump, or the type of diapers to buy. But that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t give zero fucks about it. I recommended sitting down with the laptop with Amazon open and creating a quick “wish list” to add items to over the next 9 months. Again, you probably don’t care what’s on that list. That’s fine.

But holy shit man, you’ve just gained so many brownie points by taking the initiative to create something that SHE can add to as you prepare for the baby to arrive.

2. Bite Your Tongue. She’s Hormonal AF!

Dude, I have no idea why one minute she is so happy and excited and the next minute she’s crying. Again, I’m not a professional and just here to give advice for expectant dads.

What I do know is that her body is changing…big time! Her boobs are getting huge (awesome). She’s starting to have cravings and snack a lot (awesome). And she’s growing a human in her body (holy shit.)

She’s going through some shit.

She’s going to hate her hair, her growing belly, her swollen feet, the clothes she doesn’t fit into anymore, certain smells, certain things you say, certain things you don’t say, the temperature outside, that annoying fucking bird, and so on and so on.

Just bite your tongue and understand that she’s just going through some shit. Just let her know that it’s all good, you understand, and move to tip #3 on advice for expectant dads!

3. Put Skin in the Game.

This third tip of advice for expectation fathers is going to be huge.

I need you to understand that it’s no longer about you anymore. From here on out, it’s all about her and the baby. You have to step up and start to put skin in the game which means helping out with the dishes, cleaning up after dinner, doing the laundry, carrying shit for her, and making sure every hour includes a “piss break” for her.

I’m not saying that you no longer matter. I’m just reminding you that she’s going through some shit and you caused that shit…so giving an extra helping hand around the house will seriously help throughout the whole pregnancy.

4. Buy Her That Fucking Pillow.

Dude, I’m telling you right now…you will be the Almighty, the Michael Jordan, and the Brad Pitt of life if you buy her this damn pillow. If there’s anything you can take away from my advice for fellow expectant dads, promise me you’ll buy her this pillow as soon as you possibly can. Don’t even ask her what color she wants or if she’d enjoy having it. She will not sleep a night without it, trust me.

I’ve posted the link to the pregnancy pillow thing below. You’re welcome!

 (Click Here for Pillow)

5. Go to the Appointments with Her.

The first couple of appointments are actually really fun. You get to hear the baby’s heartbeat and then you get to actually see the baby during your ultrasound appointment. That’s so fun to see/hear as an expectant mother and father!

Also, you’re going to have a lot of questions for the doctors and nurses and it’ll feel great to hear their feedback and have that relationship/rapport built with everyone prior to the delivery of your baby.

Now, the classes….

Here’s some solid advice to my fellow expectant dads who are considering whether or not they should attend the pregnancy classes.

Go to at least one of them.

I knowww! You are probably like, “Dude! You were my one chance to help show my lady that the classes aren’t important and we can just stay home instead of waste three hours on a Saturday!

Sorry brother. Just go to at least one and then you guys can decide whether it’s a waste of time or if you want to go to the next one. Again, just my tip of advice for my fellow expectant dads-to-be.

And the last tip of advice I can give to the expectant fathers….

6. Tell Her She’s Beautiful Every Day.

Remember guys…she’s going through some serious shit.

She no longer fits into any of her clothes. She feels huge. Every single thing about her looks different than before. She has Shrek hands and feet. Her face is puffy. She has to pee every 10 minutes…and remember, she’s also hormonal as fuck!

At times, she might feel unrecognizable to herself.

This is why it’s important to simply tell her, “Hey, you look cute today.” or that the outfit she’s wearing looks really great on her. Probably going to make her day feel 1000x better.


I hope these six tips of advice help my fellow expectant fathers!

I couldn’t be more excited for what’s to come and congratulations again on becoming a new father! Again, I’m no expert but if you’ve enjoyed this blog…be sure to share it and comment below about your journey as an expectant father!

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