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Attraction Marketing: “Should You Brand Your MLM Company/Products?”

“Attraction Marketing” is very popular for growing a successful online MLM business.


I’ve had quite a few people reach out to me, completely shocked, that I would tell people NOT to brand their company on social media and to stop filling their newsfeed with product posts. For one, social media is for connecting with people all over the world and secondly, Mr. Mark Zuckerberg Founder of Facebook, is doing an EXCELLENT job at making sure Marketers play by the rules or else their “sales posts” won’t be seen in the newsfeed.


So, here are NINE other reasons WHY I do NOT mention a company name or the products on social media.



Attraction Marketing: “Should You Brand Your MLM Company/Products?”


1. People don’t buy your company, they buy you.


The truth is that people have zero interest in the ingredients in your makeup starters kit or who the Founder of your company is. People want YOUR LIFESTYLE and will reach out to you if you’re on a journey of paying off debt, taking vacations with your family once or twice a year, or part of something fun/exciting and they always see you with a huge smile on your face.


That’s what people want and that’s why people join an MLM business.


People will join your or buy your product simply because they like YOU. That’s why it’s essential for you to be branding you, what you’re about, your passions, your struggles, and so on because people will be able to relate and connect to you, thus reach out to you. #attractionmarketing101


2. Be a Human on Social Media.


Whenever I cold message a potential MLM prospect and ask them if they’re at all open to making an extra income on the side, I know that they’re going to go to my page on Facebook or on Instagram to try and see what in the hell it is that I’m trying to sell them on.


They won’t go to my page and see post after post about the product or the company. They will see me and know that I’m a human being just like themselves that’s a down-to-earth dad who’s into adrenaline junkie type stuff and that I love to travel and have a good time.


Attraction Marketing Tip: Your prospects are always watching, so don’t be a douchebag.


3. Duplication, duplication, duplication…


I want my prospects to know that IF THEY DECIDE to jump on board with me in our MLM business that they too will not have to brand the company logo all over their facebook cover photo and make posts all over social media about the products.


I want them to know they can copy exactly what I do, make it their own and be themselves 100% of the time, and still be very successful in their online business.


Truth is, most people want to make money on the side. But most people don’t want to turn their social media into a company’s billboard either.


4. What happens if your MLM company shuts down?


Well, that would suck for one. But secondly, what if you’ve spent hours creating content on your blog every day and you’ve created hundreds of YouTube videos like your Upline Sponsor told you to do…but they were all company-specific and now the company shut their doors on you?


Guys, ya never know…I chatted with a handful of people that had it happen to them last week and my heart goes out to their family. But the point is, you have to be able to adapt if that were to happen and if it does, you can simple continue down the path you’re on but with a different MLM company.


5. You want another stream of income!

What if you wanted to start your own t-shirt company for people to buy cool graphic tees with funny sayings on them? Or maybe you fell in love with being your own boss and you want to create a training academy to help fellow entrepreneurs with social media?


I had a company tell me that I could not create my own trainings and post about it on social media because my Facebook Like Page (That Effing Guy) was considered a company-branded page. After building with them for 4 years, I picked my shit up and built elsewhere.


Don’t brand your MLM company on social media!


6. “Google said it was a scam!”


If you’re posting about your products or you’re company, and you have a prospect that is SLIGHTLY interested in what you’re doing…obviously, they’re going to go to Google and do some research.


Guess what they’ll find?!

“Your MLM is a Pyramid Scheme! Your products are garbage! They know a friend of a friend of a friend’s friend who tried MLM once and wasted a bunch of money!”


Now, your prospect was probably easily influenced from someone random on the internet and has their mind made up not to reach out to you about making an extra income with your business INSTEAD OF asking you what it is that you do and YOU can be the person who shows them a video or blog that bests explains your MLM opportunity.


7. Because MLM rocks.


I post FB Live videos every weekday at 9AM sharp where I give awesome network marketing and MLM tips to help people grow their own business.

I do that because MLM rocks.


I believe it’s one hell of an awesome opportunity to help people who are struggling in debt, never see their kids, never have any excitement in their life, to be able to get ahead of their bills, create time freedom in their life, and have one hell of a good time meeting new friends from all over the world.


If I can help MLMers have success – that’s awesome.

If I can help those interested in MLM see that it’s actually a lot of fun and not a scam at all – that’s awesome.


8. “Pique Their Interests, Not Satisfy Curiosity.”


When my Upline Sponsor taught me this, I damn near lost my mind.

When you never mention your company name or the product, you’re piquing people’s curiosity about what it is that you’re doing instead of simply blasting it all over social media. When you do this, you ATTRACT people to you like crazy instead of REPEL them and run away.


That’s 100% Attraction Marketing done the right way in MLM businesses.


9. It’s wayyyy more fun to brand yourself!

When you have that “switch” go off in your head and finally realize that you need to brand yourself and not your company/products, you will start to have a lot more fun in your MLM business.


Listen, if you’re not entirely sure how to BRAND YOURSELF…


I highly recommend that you go check out my Branding Like A Badass! Workshop. It’s completely free and shows you step by step in quick video webinar trainings exactly how to uncover your brand and brand on purpose.


Go there, check it out, and if you do…shoot me a message online and give me your feedback because we’d love to feature your testimonial here on the website.





I hope these tips have helped you see the importance of attraction marketing on social media for your MLM business.

If you, be sure to leave your feedback in the comments section below!

I wish you all the success in the world!














P.S. If you ever considered working with me personally and you’re interested in creating more time, wealth, and freedom in your life through network marketing as well… reach out to me here and we’ll see if our MLM side hustle is a right fit for you.


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