Blogging: Is Important For Success In Network Marketing?
Is blogging really that important for success in Network Marketing? Here are a few tips if you decide to start a blog to grow your MLM business.
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blogging network marketing success

Blogging: Is Important For Success In Network Marketing?

Is blogging really that important for success in Network Marketing? Here are a few tips if you decide to start a blog to grow your MLM business.


Short answer: No, it’s not necessary for success.


However, when it comes to starting a blog to generate leads and traffic to your website, you want to make sure you always have a long-term goal in mind. What I mean by this is that you won’t be able to write a few blogs and automatically show up in search engines for people to find you, your Network Marketing opportunity, and never have to prospect people in your business.


Blogging is LONG TERM marketing. If you decide to start blogging though, here are a few tips I can give you.




Is Blogging Important For Success In Network Marketing?


1. Blog Memberships: Paid versus Free


The reason I suggest this for blogging (even if you’re just getting started) is because I’m assuming you read the above statement where I said blogging for your MLM business should be a long-term goal, and when you have the long-term goal in mind, you’ll want the features that paid memberships offer.


  • You’ll have your own domain name to help you brand yourself, not the blogging site.
  • You’ll have more features to add to your website like sharing to social media sites.
  • Most importantly, you’ll be able to be found in search engines over others.


2. Brand Yourself, Not Your Network Marketing Company


I always teach this concept in my Branding Like A Badass course, but it’s very important to understand this when it comes to blogging for success in your MLM business.


Remember…long term thinking here.


If you brand your company name or products for the next 3 years of your blogging career, what would happen if your company gets shut down? Bought out by another company? Or you decide to leave that company to build somewhere else? You’ll have wasted three full years of content creation…and we don’t want you to do that so just brand yourself when it comes to blogging.


3. Use Call To Actions for Long Term Success!


When you’re blogging for your Network Marketing business, it’s important for you to collect leads. The best way to collect leads is by telling your audience where you want them to go next.


This could be a free download that they opt-in at, another article that you’ve written, or something as simple as comment below or share this blog! if you’re thinking long term success, I would highly suggest a free opt-in to collect email addresses. Three years from now (after you’ve written 900 blogs), you’ll have people finding your blog site that you wrote years ago and wanting to work with you or buy your product. Pretty incredible!




I think if you’re in this business for the long run, you can definitely add a blog to your to-do list or maybe even YouTube if you prefer making videos. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be actively prospecting people for the next three years just because you’re typing blogs daily.


Keep it simple. Write a blog/make a video and prospect people daily. Three years from now, you could be a Top Earner in your company because you played the consistent, long term game instead of having a short term mindset.



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