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What’s this community?


Kalie and I were getting a lot of questions when it comes to business tips, relationship advice, mindset hacks, and you name it. So we decided to slap a Facebook Group together and go over these topics each day to help people who are looking to break free from whatever bullshit is holding them back.


Why’s this significant to you?


Maybe it’s not. However, if you want to save yourself some time (possibly money) and align yourself with two people who prefer to keep it real and “cut the fluff” when it comes to advice on growing a side business online or you want to avoid some of the mistakes we made along our journey, be sure to check out the group we run.


What do you guys talk about in the group?


We discuss budgeting, organizing, planning, and how we were able to get out of about $50k+ in debt and being in the rat race of finances.

We discuss dreaming bigger and go over some of the books/paid courses we’ve purchased in the past to help us stay away from negativity and toxic people.

We discuss fun. We drink wine and actually give out prizes to people in our group just for participating and rocking out at life.

We discuss parenting – you know, the good stuff. The real stuff that no one likes to talk about.


So if you’re a fellow parent or young adult who’s looking for a fun group to be part of, drink some wine and talk about becoming better in life…be sure to check out the group.


Does it cost anything to join?


Nah. This a fun group that we run to connect with people like us.




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