Consistency is the Answer for Massive Success in Network Marketing
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Consistency is the Answer for Massive Success in Network Marketing

The biggest hurdle preventing people from having success in their Network Marketing business is consistency. Here’s how you can overcome that!


Below, I’ve provided you with a video that explains the importance of being consistent in your business and two MLM success tips that will help you understand why you’re having problems with consistency and what you can do to fix it.



Consistency is the Answer for Massive Success in Network Marketing


Yesterday, I asked a group of entrepreneurs in Network Marketing what their biggest struggle was when it comes to building their business and most votes came down to simply the lack of being consistent.


It’s funny because this is the one thing that we can control.


It has nothing to do with using Facebook Ads, or growing a YouTube channel, it’s simply being consistent.


The Power of Consistency in Network Marketing


I found a great example of what success in Network Marketing would look like if you compared it to microwaving a bag of popcorn and I’m happy to share this idea with you guys.


Most Network Marketers will treat their business like it’s a small investment of $200 for the startup cost. But what if you treated it like it was a $200,000 startup cost – would you treat your business a bit differently or give up after 6 months?


It’s like microwaving a bag of popcorn.


If you throw a bag of popcorn in the microwave, hit start, and then stop the microwave after 20 seconds…I bet there won’t be any cornels that have popped yet.


So you hit “start” again on the microwave and give it another 20 seconds, but still there’s not any popcorn yet. Must be something wrong with the microwave. Popcorn is probably a pyramid scheme and doesn’t work.


That’s the mindset of most new Network Marketers who are wondering why they haven’t had success in their online business – the lack of consistency.


The way to have a big bag of popcorn (or lots of success in MLM) is by creating momentum through consistency. That’s how you’ll succeed in Network Marketing fast.


Why You Lack Consistency


There’s really two reasons why you’re having problems with consistency and not having success in your business, and to be honest, this is the biggest area that I help coach people on with their Network Marketing business.


The first reason you’re inconsistent with your business is because you have no idea what to do or you’re confused on how to do it.


A confused mind does what? Nothing. Click To Tweet


If you’re inconsistency with your brand, it’s because you don’t know what your brand is. If you’re inconsistent with prospecting, it’s because you don’t know what to say. If you’re horrible at following up, it’s because you’re not sure how to follow up the right way.


The second reason you’re inconsistent with your business is because you have NO IDEA WHY you should be doing it.


This is what’s known as having a vision.


If you don’t know why it’s important to prospect/recruit, market on social media with valuable content, then no wonder you lack consistency. You must have a burning desire to jump out of bed when it’s early because you’ve been thinking of an idea and you’re super excited to get to work on it.


There are days when I tell myself, “Man, it sucks hearing people to me no or seeing people on my team quit on themselves…” but do you know what sucks more?? Being in loads of debt. Not being able to spend time with my family. Being stuck in a cubicle for 12 hours a day and telling your kid you can’t see their basketball games, their chorus plays, or take them trick-or-treating. That would suck way more!


So if you’re not seeing success yet in your Network Marketing business, those are a few reasons why: lack of vision or because you’re not sure how to to get started.


Creating Consistency for Success!


Here’s what you need to do after you’ve become so pissed off at yourself for not being consistent and decided that TODAY IS THE DAY you’ll take control of your life and your Network Marketing business.


Decide what you are going to do and set goals.

  • I will post ____ times a day on social media.
  • I will put the business opportunity video in front of ____ amount of people daily.
  • I will read _____ amount of pages of Personal Development daily and reflect on how I can apply what I’ve read to my business.
  • I will be consistent with using my product for the next ______ days.


The best way to become a successful leader in Network Marketing is by simply doing what you said you’d do. Keeping your word! That’s the standard of excellence.


Once you’ve set your goals, work consistently toward those goals every day. Those goals should become good habits of success that you’re creating for yourself. Also, understand that there will be plenty of dark days ahead where you don’t feel like showing up, but you’ll remember your burning desire and vision for success and you’ll snap out of it and get to work because you understand that the key to success in Network Marketing is simply just being consistent.


I hope this has helped. If it has, please leave me your feedback below in the comments section below!


Cheers to your success!!











P.S. If you ever considered working with me personally and you’re interested in creating more time, wealth, and freedom in your life through network marketing as well… reach out to me here and we’ll see if our opportunity is a right fit for you.



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