Creating Duplication in Network Marketing –
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Creating Duplication in Network Marketing

Creating Duplication in Network Marketing

Are you having a tough time duplicating and growing your downline in your network marketing business? Does it seem like you’re “holding their hands” to get your team to have success?

In the video below, let’s go over three ways to ensure that you’re creating duplication in your network marketing business.

Creating Duplication in Network Marketing

If you’ve ever had a teammate ask you or someone in your team page, “How do I respond when someone says this…?” and you respond…you’re not being duplicatable.

Here are the three ways to ensure you’re duplicating and growing a massive team in your network marketing business.

1. Point/Make them a video.

If someone asks you “how do I respond when someone says it’s a pyramid scheme?” or “how do I respond when someone says they don’t have the money to sign up?“, you want to make sure you have a video to point them to that explains exactly how to respond to these objections.

If you don’t have a video yet, simply make a 2-3 minute video that explains how to overcome this objection.

The point of making a video to ensure duplication is that not only does your teammate have the answer to this question, but now they can point their new teammates to the same video when their teammates ask them this same question.

Having videos as a team resource duplicates in network marketing!

It will be important for you to have a training system for your new business partners to plug into like a “Fast Start Training” as well as a FAQ or document hosted in your team page that answers every question a teammate has ever asked. Again, if you see a question that doesn’t have a video to answer it, take 2-3 minutes to make it and post it in the FAQ section.

2. “How would YOU respond to that question?”

Whenever a teammate of mine messages me and says, “Trey, I have a question from a prospect who’s saying they have to talk to their wife first before making any decisions. How should I respond to this?” and they’ll send me the screenshot of the conversation.

If you want to create independent leaders and duplicate a massive team in network marketing, you have to get your teammates to think for themselves.

If you’re having teammates ask you how to respond, you simply put the question back on them.

Joe, that’s a great question and I’m glad you asked! Just curious, if you had a teammate in your downline asking this same exact question…how would you respond?

Now you’re getting them to think and this ensures duplication in your business.

Make sure they give you an answer and when they do, tell them they did a great job and make a few tweaks if needed. The point is for you to create independency, a leader who can think and respond, as well as duplication.

3. Teach to Teach!

You want to make sure that once you’ve shown them the video to help answer their question or you’ve gotten them to think about how to respond to their question, you want to make sure that you’re now teaching them to teach others as well.

You can do this by saying, “Joe, awesome job my man! Listen, I want you to save that video that I showed you to help answer your question because when you have teammates asking you the same exact question that you asked me, you can now point them to the same exact video to help them learn the answer as well. Does that make sense, Joe?

Boom. Now you’re duplicating and growing a downline of leaders.


I hope that these three ways to ensure you’re duplicating in your network marketing business have helped you. If so, I would love to hear your feedback in the comments section below!

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