3 Secrets for Duplication in Network Marketing
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3 Secrets for Duplication in Network Marketing

Looking to find the secrets for creating massive team duplication in your Network Marketing business? Here are three ways to grow your residual income through duplication.


I had an interesting phone call yesterday with my mentor who showed me how to multiply yourself through others (M.Y.T.O.) and how to be everywhere at once to unleash the power of duplication in Network Marketing.



3 Secrets for Duplication in Network Marketing


#1 Duplication Hack: BE THE LEADER FIRST.


The first thing I chatted with my mentor was talking about the importance of mastering consistency in Network Marketing. This would simply be getting new eyes on the information (whether it’s for your product or business opportunity) every single day and following up with those people after they’ve seen the information.


This is also known as LEADING BY EXAMPLE FIRST.


Obviously if you’re not doing what you’re telling others to do, there’s no reason for your MLM team to do that either. Also, understand that some people just aren’t willing to talk to people about your products or Network Marketing opportunity no matter what they say.


However, it will take you leading the pack first in order for you to find other leaders who WILL do what you do. Make sure you master being consistent first.


#2 Duplication Hack: Tap-Rooting


I spoke with a leader of mine in Australia yesterday who wanted a quick MLM duplication training on tap-rooting because she understood how powerful it is to build depth in your team. This is TRUE!


Tap-Rooting is simply finding a few leaders in your team (who are duplicating your team training system daily) and helping them find their leaders. Let’s say I sponsor a woman named Tina…in those first few days, I want to help Tina sponsor a new business partner as soon as possible. Let’s say my new distributor Tina sponsors a new business partner named Joe. Now I want to work with Joe and help him sponsor a new business partner as well.


You do this as far down as possible until you find another strong leader who is committed to growing a large business in Network Marketing as well.


So, my advice would be for you to reach out to a handful of your leaders and ask them this..


“Wouldn’t it be amazing to have TWO of you?? You do. Me. Would you be open to me helping you grow your downline and help your teammates sign new business partners?”


#3 Duplication Hack: “MYTO”


This was the biggest question my mentor asked me.


“How can you multiply yourself through others so your team is doing the income-producing activities, throughout the entire day, and all over the world?”


I would have to have a system that teaches people exactly what I do so they can learn and see it in action for themselves. Then, I would get them to take action.


This means providing people with scripts to get eyes on the business opportunity video, how to follow up and handle objections from their prospects. I could even teach them how to do 3-way calls where they listen over the phone exactly how to “close” their prospects. After about five of those calls, they would have the confidence to do 3 way calls with their downline as well. How awesome would it be to have 50 leaders in your downline doing 3 way calls every day??


This means I could run contests each month to incentivize those who are taking action and building their business with urgency and creating that momentum!


Lastly, this means I could delegate tasks to other teammates like running team calls once a week or having leaders provide a valuable training inside our team page so everyone in the team page is hearing these concepts and seeing other leaders use the tools.


To be honest, there are lots of ways to duplicate yourself in Network Marketing and growing your residual income through these few simple secrets. Keep it simple with these few steps;

  1. Be the leader first and use the tools you’re provided with.
  2. Tap-root to help your reps and find leaders in your downline.
  3. MYTO: Run contests, delegate tasks, and repeat.


I hope this blog on “3 Secrets for Duplication in Network Marketing” has helped you with your business. If so, I would love to see your feedback in the comments section below!












P.S. If you ever considered working with me personally and you’re interested in creating more time, wealth, and freedom in your life through network marketing as well… reach out to me here and we’ll see if our opportunity is a right fit for you.



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