How to Use Facebook Events in Network Marketing
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How to Use Facebook Events in Network Marketing

Have you ever considered using Facebook Events to promote your business or products in your Network Marketing business? It’s actually a lot of fun when done the right way, it’s duplicatable, and you can grow a large organization just by leveraging an online “virtual party” once a month.


In this blog, I’m going to give you guys some tips on how to set them up, what to talk about during your live event, and what to do after the event is over!




How to Use Facebook Events in Network Marketing


1. Setting Up Your Facebook Events


To start setting up your online “virtual party,” you’ll want to have the basics (fun cover photo, catchy title, simple description of FB Event, and some content to get people pumped for the event that’c coming in a few days).


facebook events network marketing virtual partyI would also add my Network Marketing teammates to the event so they could help hype the Facebook Event up as well as bring their potential business partners and guests to the event. I’ve found that doing one massive virtual party that everyone in your team can invite prospects to (instead of asking everyone to run their own party) is much more duplicatable and fun for your team to promote to each month.


Lastly, when it comes to “inviting” people to your Facebook Events, it’s very important to message your friends to see if they’re at all open to checking your virtual party out INSTEAD OF mass-inviting people to the event without their permission. I promise you’ll have better results messaging people prior to inviting them to the event.


2. What To Do During Your Online Virtual Party?


This is where the fun comes in! For the past 2-3 days prior to your Virtual Party, you can raffle fun giveaway prizes to the guests for accepting the invite to the online party as well as raffle fun prizes to your teammates who invited guests to the event. That usually gets your teammates excited/motivated to invite prospects to the ongoing Facebook Events.


facebook events network marketing virtual partyDuring your event, this is a great time to show your guests how much fun your Network Marketing team has by having one or two guests run Facebook Live videos in your event page.


On the Facebook Live video, I would see if any current customers would mind sharing their testimonial by doing a “split video interview style” and simply asking them questions like what made you interested in the products, what were your hesitations, what results did you have, who would you recommend this to, and so on.


I’d also feature different rising leaders in my Network Marketing team and ask them to either share their testimonial on how the business has changed their life. Facts tell, but stories sell! 


After a few product/business testimonials, I’d have a quick 5-10 minute business presentation from one of your leaders to explain to your guests how to get started and be sure to save some time for Q&A after the presentation. You can also raffle prizes for those who sign up before a certain date to reward those who take action and also let your guests know that you’ll be running another online virtual party next month (and give them the date) so they know they can attend AND they can bring guest (aka their potential business partners/customers) as well.


3. After Your Facebook Events 


Ever heard the phrase, “the fortune is in the follow up?” It’s true. After your Facebook Events are finished, this is where you want to get your entire Network Marketing team to reach out to the guests they invited and ask them what they liked best about what they saw.


What’s great is that your prospects can still gain access to your virtual party a few days after it’s held just in case they couldn’t watch it live. Also, this allows your teammates to duplicate everything that you did because it was all ran from your smart phone.


Lastly, once your event is over and your Network Marketing team has been enrolling new business partners and customers like crazy from the event, you want to teach your new business partners how to invite people to the next upcoming event so they can launch their business like a pro as well!


I hope this blog on “How to Use Facebook Events in Network Marketing” has helped you with your business. If so, I would love to see your feedback in the comments section below!












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