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The Break Free Project;


A Facebook community for the rebels, the opportunity-seekers, the #screwups who aren’t begging for perfection, the backwards hat wearin’ adrenaline junkies who have tattoos, piercings, and crave fulfillment from travel and experiences rather than the typical material items.

This is for the freedom fighters, the free-spirited, the explorers, and the adventure seekers. You’re open-minded, #zerofucksgiven, down-to-earth people who can kick it and have a cold IPA or a Moscow Mule.

This private group is simply for the selfless individuals who want to break free from debt, complacency, the jobs that they hate, toxic relationship or negative friendships, feeling like their life is on autopilot.

This group is intended for the people who hate schedules, traditions, dress codes, timecards, 1% raises, the mundane routines and predicability, and those who are tired of living for the weekend.


Feel like we’re talking to you?


We’ll see you in the group.

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The BreakFree Project - Trey Bearor


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