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Welcome to TreyBearor.com

If this is your very first time coming to this site, I want you to understand this…

I say shit a little differently here.

I’m not the typical “cookie-cutter” bullshitter that’s going to show up and try to sell you some fancy lifestyle with fast cars and hot bitches. You have the wrong guy if that’s what you were hoping for.

I’m a bearded, backwards hat havin’, tattooed and “zero fucks given” type of dude.

I wake up every day and virtually mentor people like you how to go from complete college debt, living paycheck to paycheck, and being at a job that you know sucks the life out of you…to smashing money into your savings account each week, telling your girlfriend you’re taking her on a trip to Europe for shits and gigs, and start living your life with a little more fulfillment.

I’m not a life coach.

But I will show you how to earn passive income from your laptop, travel the world while working from wifi, and simply punch the day in the dick just because it’s a Tuesday and you feel like chillin’ on the beach.

You can expect every tip and every lesson that I’ve learned over the past four years on this website through either blogs, videos, or you can follow me on Facebook Live every morning at 9am.

If not, that’s cool too.

I wish you all nothing but success and happiness.


Trey Bearor

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