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Best Way to Get Started in Network Marketing (3 Steps)

What is the best way to get started in a new network marketing company?

Here are three steps for getting serious results in a new venture.



Getting Started in a Network Marketing Company

First off, congratulations on starting your new side-hustle! Whether you’re looking to make an extra income to get ahead of your bills, help pay for daycare, or you’ve started your online business because you want to become the next Top Income Earner in your Network Marketing Company, here are three steps that are absolutely crucial to your success!


Step One: Develop Your Getting Started Foundation

The best way to this first step is by asking yourself these four questions:


Question 1. What do I want to get out of this opportunity OUTSIDE of money?

best way to get started in network marketing

This is also known as “your why.” Everyone is different so don’t feel that you have to have the same “why” as your Upline Sponsor. If you wanted to make an extra income, break it down more and ask yourself why.


Maybe you said something like, “I want to make an extra income so I can work from home and see my kids more!

Perfect. Break it down more – why is that important to you?


Now you answer that with something like, “Well, I’m tired of working late to pay for hockey lessons. I’m barely able to see my own kids because I work so much and it’s affecting my relationship with my spouse because we’re constantly exhausted and stressed.


Now you can see how “your why” is more than just making an extra income.


Question 2. What attracted me to this opportunity? 

Network Marketing is simply just story-telling. You’ll hear a phrase through the industry called, “Facts Tell, Stories Tell.”


What this means is that people don’t care how much you know about the company history or how you’re a whiz at knowing the product ingredients. People care about the emotional story of why you were attracted to this opportunity in the first place.


What’s the reason that you’re MOST EXCITED for with your Network Marketing opportunity? I’d be willing to bet that you can tell a story that comes from the heart and that people can relate to.


Question 3: How many hours per week do you have to get what you wanted? 

network marketing get startedRealistically…once you’ve returned home from work, had dinner with the family, and hung out with the kiddos…how many hours per week do you have to put towards your new Network Marketing business?


Let’s just say you answered, “10 hours per week.


Question 4: How many people can you get in front of the information per hour?

If you said, “I can show 10 people the business opportunity video per hour,” that would mean you’re able to present your Network Marketing opportunity to at least 70 people per week.


That’s pretty good.  This is considered your own “batting average” and understand this very simple concept – if you want more people to join you, you just have to talk to more people.



Step 2: Develop Your List

network marketing best get startedHere’s where most people fail in getting started in their Network Marketing business. They never make a list!


You want to write down everyone you can think of.


Here’s a big tip – If you only write down 20-30 people, you’ll be discouraged quick when 5-10 people tell you “not interested.”


Make your list huge; 200-300+ people!


Don’t skip people just because you feel your Network Marketing business opportunity isn’t a right fit for them.

Some of the people you think wouldn’t do much, will. Some of the people you think would do a lot, won’t.



Step Three: Develop your M.A.P.

This is your Massive Action Plan.

If you said you’re able to show 70 people your business opportunity each week, then get started immediately. Do NOT overthink this and start over-analyzing things with fear.


Make it part of your plan to get to the company events. Write in your calendar when your Team’s Weekly Training Calls are each week and make sure you’re present as a coachable student with pen + paper.


Write down the goal you want to accomplish at the end of the year and set smaller quarterly goals that align with your big year’s goal. You’ll want to revisit your goals each quarter.


Now, put your plan into action and start talking to people about your Network Marketing opportunity.



I hope these three tips for how to get started in your Network Marketing business has helped and would love to see your feedback in the comments section below.


I wish you all the success in the world!














P.S. If you ever considered working with me personally and you’re interested in creating more time, wealth, and freedom in your life through network marketing as well… reach out to me here and we’ll see if our MLM side hustle is a right fit for you.


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