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How I Proposed To My Fiancé!

How I Proposed To My Fiancé!

This is a day I’ll never forget. Not because it was the day that I proposed to my fiancé, Kalie, but because man.. she was a stubborn little fucker.

Here’s how I planned the proposal..

I told my father I was planning on proposing to Kalie, but I needed his help.

Every season of the year, Kalie and I go to the top of this mountain to take a picture for my parents holding a sign with the season and year (i.e. Fall 2015) .

It’s a cool collage of the different seasons.

So I told dad that I needed him to ask us to go to the top of the mountain and take a photo for him. The plan was that when we got to the top of the mountain, Kalie would zoom in with the camera and see my parents holding a sign that said, “Turn Around!”

The plan was that she would turn around and see me on one knee and freak out.

Here’s how the plan didn’t go as planned…

My father painted the letters too big and had to add a sheet over the sign to make it complete. C’mon dad!

We drove up on a four-wheeler that almost ran out of gas and wouldn’t start.

Kalie was a miserable shit the entire way up the mountain. I told her I wanted to shoot a video while we were going up the mountain (to obviously make a proposal video later on) and she was arguing with me saying she wasn’t a video expert and that I should be the one taking videos.

So as we get to the top of the mountain, I set up my GoPro immediately and told Kalie to take some videos panning across the horizon.

She almost zoomed in and saw the sign, but I had to keep her busy with getting things set up so I could get everything caught on video.

Here’s how the proposal went down…

I called my parents and said, “Come on outside and we’ll take a video/photo of you guys.” That’s when they came outside and Kalie started zooming in with the video camera really slowly.

She saw the “Turn Around” sign and immediately thought something was wrong.

She turned around and there I was on one knee. It was a pretty cool moment and that mountain is always our favorite spot to go hang out.

That’s how I proposed to my fiancé!

(Also, Kalie wants me to add that she had blue hair because she did an extraordinarily great job at being “Joy” from Disney movie called Inside Out.)



Thanks for taking to the time to read/watch the video.


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