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How to Create Consistency in Network Marketing

Let’s talk about the importance of YOU having consistency in network marketing.

This is the ONE THING that will determine your success in this industry. Period. You don’t have to worry about starting a blog, a YouTube Channel, a Facebook Fan page, or mastering the filters on Instagram.

When you master having consistency in your network marketing business, you’ll fly past every other distributor in your team, company, and you’ll start to be looked at as a professional in the network marketing industry.

There’s really nothing special about a person – not their looks, the charisma, their personality, or their hereditary traits. The only thing special that sets them a part from anyone else is their relentless commitment to consistency in network marketing.


Here’s why you haven’t had success in network marketing.

There are typically one of two things with any person’s business that’s not allowing them to have the success they desire in their network marketing business.

1. You’re not doing the right things…

What this means is that most people start their business with prospecting and presenting the business to a few people and then they stop. They start again and then they stop. They start to question the “system” or the scripts their upline gave them to use (the same scripts their upline has used since DAY 1) and decide to try something else because their must be something wrong with the system!

So, they try running Facebook Ads with a new Facebook Fan Page or they spend the next 14 days on starting their own Blog and making it look really fancy.

A month goes by – same results. Must be something is wrong because that’s not working either. So they try a different method.

You get my point, right?

They haven’t mastered being consistent in their business first.

The way you’re going to be successful in network marketing is creating consistency on presenting your business opportunity or product offer to prospects. Blogs and Facebook Ads come much, much later in your career.

2. You’re not consistent..

Every time I get on the phone with a teammate who’s “struggling in their network marketing business,” I ask them to pull out their list of prospects and tell me what their numbers were for the week.

And every time I do this, I hear the same answer.

“Well, Monday I showed 6 people the business opportunity and Tuesday I showed 7 people the business opportunity as well. On Wednesday, my son had a basketball game and Thursday I was swamped at work. Friday is always Happy Hour with my girls and I was so hungover on Saturday and it’s family day for us. Sunday is my day of planning and I felt much better so I actually presented the business to 2 people that day while doing some work.”

So, they presented the business opportunity to 15 people in 3/7 days and wonder why there isn’t momentum building up in their business from starting and then stopping.

Consistency in network marketing is the one thing that will determine your success. It’s your job to present the business to a certain number of people daily. Daily.


It doesn’t matter if you present the business opportunity or product offer to 2 people per day, 3 people per day, or 10 people per day. What matters is that you’re consistent daily with a certain number instead of 21 people all on Monday and take the rest of the week off.

You could be doing everything else right and still not see the success you deserve because you’re not being consistent in your business. Once you get your mind right and keep doing the activities that produce results, you’ll see your network marketing business taking off.

I want you to understand that consistency in network marketing is EVERYTHING.

Starting today I want you to start doing the activities you need to do on a consistent basis.

Take action, be consistent and I’ll see you at the TOP!

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