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How to Get Sh*t Done as an Entrepreneur!

Are you struggling with time management and trying to figure out exactly what to do every day to grow your network marketing business?

As a soon-to-be parent, I can completely understand that my world is about to be completely different and I’ll need a system to make sure my business is growing every day while enjoying the time spent with my family.

That’s why I’ve created this document to help fellow entrepreneurs get shit done in their network marketing business when you have limited time.

How to Get Shit Done as an Entrepreneur!


Stop over-thinking things.

The only reason people haven’t found success is because they over-analyze and over-think how to get shit done. It’s actually a very simple task to complete but ever since we were little, we’ve been told how to behave or how to act instead of just acting.

Instead of asking how to do it, just do it.

For example, let’s say I had a full bottle of whiskey in my hand. I was looking right at you and without saying anything to you first, I tossed it to you.

You would either catch it or it would smash you in the face.

Did you have to ask what to do?

No. You just caught the bottle of whiskey. You didn’t ask if you should catch it with both hands or what the weight of the bottle was. You just caught it.

Do that with your business.

Stop worrying about whether or not Uncle Rick is going to say “no” or ask about the benefits of your product, and just ask him. Stop worrying about whether the timing is right to show your co-worker’s friend a way to make an extra income from home and just see if they’re open to making an extra income.

That’s how entrepreneurs get shit done. They don’t worry about the details or “how should I respond when someone says this…” and they just simply do it.

This is what I do every day to get shit done.

1. Add new friends on Facebook to expand my market.

2. Read 15-20 minutes of Personal Development.

3. Present the business to 5-10 new people per day.

4. Rock out with setting my Affirmations.

5. Create content and re-purpose it on social media.

There you go. That’s the secret sauce. It’s not difficult to do every day and most busy parent can handle these tasks. The truth is that it’s just way easier not to do. It’s easier to be complacent with your life, settling for average, than it is to want more for your life. It’s easier to sit on the couch and watch re-runs from The Walking Dead than it is to sit down and grow your network marketing business.

That’s why you don’t see too many “successful” network marketers.

However if you’re committed to doing these income-producing activities every day, you’ll start to see your business gain momentum and grow. You’ll see money coming in that you never thought you could make from an online business and when you’re consistent for a year or more, you’ll start to see the freedom that life has to offer you and become your own boss and travel whenever the hell you want.

But that’s if and only if you’re consistent with getting shit done.

Cheers to your success!

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