How to Keep Your Entire Team Motivated –
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how to keep your entire team motivated

How to Keep Your Entire Team Motivated

How to Keep Your Entire Team Motivated

Are you struggling to keep your entire Network Marketing team motivated? Does it seem like some people are motivated to put in the work and others have absolutely no desire to grow their Network Marketing business?

Here are a few tips that will help you better understand why and how each person on your team is motivated by different desires of success.

How to Keep Your Entire Team Motivated

Your job as the leader in your Network Marketing team is to “keep everyone around the campfire.” This means that every person who’s on your team feels appreciated and knows that IF they decide to work their business, you’re happy to mentor them in their business.

The big keyword there was “IF”.

Your teammates don’t want to feel discouraged if they see another person sponsoring new customers and business prospects into the team page and they haven’t done anything yet.

So how to we keep the entire team motivated?

This is called the “80-15-5 Rule.

What this rule states is that there’s 80% of your downline that will make $0-$500/month in their business, there’s 15% of your downline who will make $2k-$3k/month in their business, and there’s 5% of your downline who will make $25k/month in their business.

How to keep 80% of your Network Marketing team motivated?

80% of your team is a huge portion of your business. Most people never achieve a higher income than $500/month and that’s perfectly fine. You still need to love on your 80%’ers because being a top producers on your team is not currency for them. Does that make sense?

They would like to make more money, but money isn’t their motivation. The best way to motivate them is by recognizing and edifying them. These are the people you put in the spotlight, not your top dogs and highest recruiters.

When you recognize the people who struggled for 6 months and then finally recruited a new customer or distributor, that shows the other 80%’ers that they can do it too! Now you’re motivating 80% of your downline because they can relate to the struggle.

Also, let’s say one of your 80%’ers comes to you and asks you for your time to help them with something they’re struggling with like prospecting and using the scripts to talk with people about their Network Marketing business.

Instead of ignoring them, like most Uplines do because they aren’t high producers, give them homework to do before setting up a time to talk.

For example, I would tell John who’s struggling to invite people to watch the business opportunity to connect with 10 people and show them the business opportunity within the next 2 days and report back to me in 2 days. If John has completed the assignment, then we’ll set up a time to go over a few tweaks to help him with prospecting.

You have to give your team assignments to get them out of their comfort zone or they will never grow. Also, remember to get them in the spotlight of success and share their story with the team.

How to keep the 15%’ers of your Network Marketing team motivated?

These 15%’ers make $2,000-$3,000 per month in their business. They don’t mind recruiting new distributors or customers into their business but do need help getting to the next level in business.

Find their strengths and on a scale of 1-10, if they are a 7 at public speaking then get them to a 9. If they are a 6 at writing, help them get to an 8.

This will also push them out of their comfort zone a bit and motivate them as well.

If I have someone who’s a great speaker on my team, I want to get them in the spotlight of speaking at events, speaking on Facebook Live videos, being featured on the company weekly calls, and so on.

If I have someone who’s a great writer, I want them to create blog posts once a day for the next year and pointing them to paid trainings that will help them get to the next level or help them get in front of more people on Social Media to get their message out there.

How to keep the 5%’ers of your Network Marketing team motivated?

You don’t.

These people don’t need motivation to build a massive business within Network Marketing. They don’t need prizes, incentives, or any spotlight to become successful because they will be successful no matter what.

“Wait, are you being serious Trey?!”

I’m very serious. When you’re making $25k/month in Network Marketing, you’ll figure out how to make $50k/month so you can make $100k/month in Network Marketing. If they’re struggling, they’ll figure out how to overcome that struggle and continue progressing. Not many people are willing to do that.

That’s why they are called the 5%’ers.

This is how you motivate your entire team in Network Marketing. Regardless of their desire to succeed or their level of success, you love them all. Everyone should feel appreciated and meet the core values of the team whether they want to be a top income earner or just want to high-five you at the events and enjoy great products.

Just keep em around the camp fire.

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