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How to Prevent Business Burnout

How to Prevent “Business Burnout”!

Are you struggling to stay motivated in your business and you feel like you’re having a “business burnout“?

Here are five tips to keep you recharged, on top of your game, so you can be ready to conquer the day as an Entrepreneur.

How to Prevent “Business Burnout”!

1. “Clear the Clutter” at Home.

If you have children, start showing them how to be an Entrepreneur and understanding the value of a dollar. If you don’t have kids, hire your niece or nephew for $6/hr to come over and do things like vacuuming, doing the dishes, folding laundry, and so on.

This will absolutely help alleviate stress and help prevent “business burnout.”

If neither are available, hire a maid to come in 2-3x a week and help with the chores. That’s $100/week that you’re paying someone to help you around the house with chores while you can focus on growing your online business. #outsource

2. Turn Off ALL Notifications on Mobile Devices.

If you’re able to go into the “Settings” of all of your mobile devices, turn off all notifications. This will instantly help alleviate stress and prevent “business burnout” from happening.

Communicate with your team so they understand the value of your time and point them to Google and YouTube to find the answers to their questions if they cannot find the answers on your team training site.

This also creates leaders on your team.

3. Make Recreation a MUST!

Schedule one hour during your day when you can log off from work and enjoy an hour to yourself. This might include taking the dog for a walk, going into the garden, going on a hike, doing a workout, cooking, fishing, or whatever.

This is a great way to recharge for a mid-day break and how to prevent business burnout.

4. “Clear the Clutter” In Your Head.

Every morning, I wake up at 5:00AM when it’s completely quiet and the world hasn’t begun quiet yet. This is a great time for you to read 30 minutes of personal development books as well as do things like yoga, meditations, affirmations, prayer, or whatever you can think of to help you start the day.

I highly recommend downloading the “Headspace” app.

This app will absolutely help you with preventing burn out in your business and allow you to tune out the busy to-do list you have for the day.

5. Take Vacations 4x/Year.

I can already hear people bitching that they don’t have the time or the opportunity to take vacations four times a year. I thought that way too in the beginning.

I highly recommend that you watch the video below to better understand why we take vacations four times a year after our “90 Day Blitz” events that we do to explode our business.




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