How to Prevent Cross-Recruiting in MLM? –
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how to prevent cross-recruiting in MLM?

How to Prevent Cross-Recruiting in MLM?

Are you watching teammates in your downline leaving your team because they’re being cross-recruited into another MLM company? Here are four tips on how to prevent cross-recruiting in your MLM business.

There are two ways you can react to a leader on your team who decides to leave and join with another MLM company.

  1. You can wish them the absolute best. Yes, I know it sucks that you just had one of your leaders leave your team after you’ve spent time, energy, and money in helping them develop their business. Instead of getting upset that your leader was cross-recruited into another MLM business, you can wish them all the success and happiness in the world.
  2. You can bash them to your team or even publicly on social media for going to another company. Again, I understand that you’re upset to have one of your leaders leave your business because they was recruited into another MLM business, so you want to protect your downline from “poaching” by telling them to block and unfollow the person who left. You might even say a few harsh words about them.

I can tell you from experience that if you decide to react by bashing your former teammate, you’re just simply driving traffic and leads to them. If this was a respected leader on your team who’s been a huge asset to the development of your organization, and you start acting like a psycho because they left, people on your team will reach out to that former leader and ask for more information about their new MLM business.

Yes, some will block them and question their motives for being cross-recruited into another business. But, most will bring their attention to the leader and request information.

So…bless and release, wish them the absolute best.

Another thing you can do is make “your grass greener.” If the environment of your team culture is fun, exciting, people are being recognized for rank advancements and enrolling new business partners…you will see far less people looking elsewhere at other MLM opportunities and being cross-recruited.

This is why it’s important as a leader to remain a leader and not a dictator. Network Marketing/MLM is not a full-time 9-5 job where you have a boss and their employees being told what to do. People join Network Marketing/MLM to create time, freedom, and wealth. If you’re focused on controlling people or the environment of your team culture is authoritarian, then your grass is brown and not much fun to invite friends over for a party.

But if you’re celebrating people’s success, running team calls once a week, hosting a team get-together’s or team dinners at events, and really making people feel like they’re part of something bigger…well, your grass is green and fun to party on…and this will lessen the idea of teammates leaving the business to join a different MLM opportunity.

The third thing you can do when cross-recruiting happens, because it will happen, is to ask yourself, “what can I do to make our team stronger to prevent cross-recruiting from happening?

It’s just like being in a relationship. If you’re not happy with your man (or woman), they’re lazy, they don’t have a job or any life goals, they are out partying every night while you’re trying to settle down and start a family…well, you’ll probably look elsewhere.

But if you’re happy, you’re content, you have a good man (or woman) who cooks, cleans, has a good job and great life goals…you aren’t looking elsewhere.

So ask yourself and your leaders what you can do to make the team stronger and prevent leaders from being cross-recruited into other MLM business.

My last suggestion to prevent your teammates from being “poached” by other MLM businesses is to simply rebuild a new team.

[By the way, stop using the term “poaching.” When I think of MLM poaching, I think of an eagle soaring through the sky and picking up this huge salmon from the clean waters of Alaska. People leave businesses voluntarily because they decided to leave.]

So, if your leader or teammate was cross-recruited to join another MLM business then you should take this as an opportunity to go into super-recruiting mode and sponsor new business partners into your team. Have the best month you’ve ever had!

Look into your team downline and organization and start developing new team leaders to get to the next level. Sign as many new customers into your business as you possibly can. Use this as an opportunity to grow, rebuild, refocus, and use this momentum to get your team fired up again.

Be the leader who rises up and leads from the front. Not the “leader” who bashes people for making a decision based on what’s right for them.

Here’s a quick video to help explain how to prevent cross-recruiting in your MLM business.


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