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how to prospect your cold market with trey bearor

How to Prospect Your Cold Market

Are you struggling with how to prospect your cold market?

Well guys, there’s good news and there’s bad news when it comes to prospecting your cold market.

The bad news about cold marketing is that it’s going to take some time for them to either buy your product or join your Network Marketing team. 

Also, it probably feels really weird for you to talk with strangers either face to face or online about your business opportunity and if you do, they’ll probably look at you like a deer in headlights.

However, the good news about cold marketing is that when you do get out of your comfort zone and you do decide to talk with your cold market, your business will begin to grow and you’ll become better at confidently presenting the business to your complete strangers

Another great thing to understand is that there are way more people that you don’t know (cold market) than there is that you actually do know (warm market). So get to talking with them!

Here’s step-by-step how you to prospect your cold market.

Step 1: Don’t Be Weird.

They way you talk to people in person is how you should talk to them online. Talk to them like you’re two buds on bar stools having a cold beer. Be yourself and understand that most people don’t buy anything the first time you talk to them. Why would they? 

That’s exactly what it’s like when prospecting your cold market. So build that relationship with them by follow step two.

Step 2: Warm Them Up!

This is simple. Just have a conversation.

Ask them about where they work, if they have children, where they’re from and what they do for fun. There’s nothing easier than talking to people, face to face or online, about themsleves because people love to talk about themselves. So ask a lot of questions about them!

Also, I strongly suggest engaging on your cold market’s Facebook posts by either liking and commenting on their posts. The key to social media is being social. That’s another way to “warm them up” because they’ll start going to your page to see what you are up to and begin engaging with you. 

Stay on your prospect’s mind! 

Another way to warm up your cold market and a simple technique that your team can use (duplication) is by sending out Happy Birthday messages!

Again, you are not asking people to buy immediately. You’re simply warming things up by celebrating their birthday and asking them what’s new in their life. Be genuinely interested in the conversations and what they have to say!

Step 3: Offline Cold Prospecting

Be sure to watch the video below, to hear a simple script of you can use to grab people’s email address or phone number to chat with them later about your product or network marketing business opportunity.

Did this help you? If so, I would greatly appreciate your feedback and share on Facebook.

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