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How to Set Daily Affirmations

“Affirmations, Trey…really?”

I’m going to assume you’re a little hesitant about using daily affirmations or you might feel a little weird when doing them. Do daily affirmations really work?

Believe me. At first I thought it was a bunch of nonsense to tell yourself how awesome you are and that the universe would one day put a big bag of money on your front doorstep because of daily affirmations.

Whether you believe in faith, a higher being, or whether or not speaking positive vibes and daily affirmations into the universe actually works…here’s how you set daily affirmations.



Why do you do daily affirmations?

About a year ago, I started noticing how my entire day was being shaped by my morning routine. Most of us start our mornings by checking social media, seeing the previous day’s unseen emails, and for the most part it can be very negative.


I remember waking up at 5AM; checking my Facebook notifications and newsfeed of the latest gossip, seeing emails from team members who decided to quit, and sit in my office and fixate on why the hell wasn’t my business growing after three years?!

By 5:30AM, I was ready to strangle someone and when my fiancé woke up and came into my office, she could immediately sense that things weren’t okay.

I was stressed. My business was failing and the pressure to produce was spreading into my team as well. My leadership and mindset was awful. This stress also carried over into my love life as well. We weren’t making great money to keep up with our bills and had debt collectors calling us each day to remind us that we weren’t getting ahead in life. To top it off, I was getting older and I was ready to start a family.

There was no way in hell I was bringing a child into this life when I could barely pay a car payment and I knew something had to change or I’d go another three years without any personal or business growth.

I tapped into mindset trainings where I learned about setting your daily affirmations.

What are daily affirmations?

Affirmations are short, powerful, yet simple statements designed to manifest a specific goal. They are positive words said in present tense, repeated often with a sense of real feeling and connection. Positive thinking affirmations are designed to encourage a life filled with positivity and gratitude.

These are the conscious thoughts that we spread out into the universe about things like money, relationships, our body image or self-esteem. When you say them or think them, or even hear these statements, they become the thoughts that build your reality.

Affirmations bring your subconscious thoughts to the surface, making you aware of them and how you are feeling. This allows you to be more aware of any negative thoughts that are just waiting to take over and learn to replace them with positive thoughts.

Change your thoughts and you change your world” – Norman Vincent Peale.

How do you set daily affirmations?

Every night I read my list of affirmations. I have a list on my phone of what I want more of and envision what my life will look like. I read them again in the morning when I wake up and think of every detail of how my life will be because the Universe is listening.

Here’s my list of daily affirmations.

trey bearor affirmations

Write out what you want more of in your life.

If you’re looking for the perfect soulmate, tell the universe in present tense. If you want an abundance of money, tell the universe and think of what your life will look like when you have all the money in the world!

If you start thinking about your goals and begin to question yourself about how you’re going to achieve that and let negative thoughts start to sink in, then recognize those thoughts and repeat your positive affirmations of “I am so excited and grateful that _______.”

Do daily affirmations actually work?

Test it out. Try it for 30 days. Make it a habit. Do it for another 30 days.

All I can say is that my life has made a significant change. My business and team is on fire and we’re smashing huge goals this year. We’ve made more money than we ever had, with a very comfortable savings account, and now investing in different ways for our money to make money. Our relationship is solid and the best part…our first son will be born in less than two months.

So, see for yourself if daily affirmations actually work. #thevibesdontlie

I would love to hear your thoughts about affirmations in the comments section below!

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