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How to Smash Goals in Network Marketing

It’s that time of year again – the kids go back to school and you’re ready to get back to business.

Setting your goals couldn’t be more important and the beautiful thing about getting started on crushing your goals is that you can begin today, not on the first day of the year.

Here’s how I set goals in my network marketing business.

How to Smash Goals in Network Marketing

There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to smashing your goals in your network marketing business. The first thing you must remember is that you set goals based on your activities that aligns with the outcome, and it must have a timeline.

Examples of Goal Setting:

“I want to make a $1,000 weekly paycheck before Christmas.”

The outcome of the goal is to make $1,000 in a week’s paycheck. The timeline of the goal is before Christmas. So what activities can you do daily that align with the outcome of your goal to make a $1,00 paycheck?

  • Share the business opportunity with 5-10 new people per day.
  • Work with people in your downline to help them sign one new business partner each and then help their new business partner sign one new business partner.
  • Run a “PUSH” contest or group to increase team volume.

“I want to have 500 new likes on my Facebook Fan Page in the next three months!”

The outcome of the goal is to have 500 new likes on your Facebook Page. The timeline of the goal is within the next three months. So what activities can you do each day that will align with the outcome of your goal to have 500 new likes?

  • Create awesome, valuable content that people will share.
  • Be consistent with posting daily on the Fan Page.
  • Do Facebook Live videos. Run Facebook Ads. Have free Giveaway Prizes.

That’s how you set activities goals based on the result that you want to produce.

The reason this is so important for crushing your goals in network marketing is because so many people focus on goals that they have no control of obtaining.

“Control the controllable.” – Some anonymous dude.

You can’t control whether or not you sign two new customers this week. However, you can control how many people you talk to about your products. You can’t control whether or not your teammates will decided to work their business. However, you can control who you spend your time and energy on to help get their business to the next level and help them enroll new business partners.

You get the point? Control the controllable.

Setting Your Goals For The Year

Success in network marketing isn’t for the weak souls who complain about bullshit or expect to make it rich overnight. If you’re just starting out in network marketing, don’t be shocked if you don’t smash your goals in the beginning.

With that said, if you do have a strong mindset and you understand that you have to be willing to put in the work daily for longer than six months, or even a year, then here’s how you’re going to set your goals for the year and smash the shit out of them.

This is called the “12 Week Year.”

First, think about the goal you want to smash and complete in one year from today in your network marketing business. Now let’s break that down to create some urgency for you.

The reason you break down a year’s goal into separate 12 week goals is because most people will tell themselves that they have a full year to accomplish this goal so there’s not much urgency right now to get started.

Bullshit. Let me show you why you have to get started NOW.

Let’s say you want to make $100,000 in a fiscal year with your network marketing business. That’s very obtainable and really not a lot of money for a business.

Break your yearly goal of $100,000 down into what that income looks like every three months (12 weeks, get it?). That’s $25,000 every three months.

Now break that monthly goal of $25,000 down into what that income looks like each month. That’s $6,250 per month.

Let’s break that down to a weekly income and you’re looking at $1,562.50 per week.

We don’t stop there.

Let’s break that down to an hourly rate because in network marketing, we make money while we sleep. That’s the beauty of “residual income” and why I strongly feel like people can work their full-time job but also had a side hustle that’s always generating money for you.

You’d be making $11 per hour. 

Crazy, right? It’s very obtainable it is to make $100k a year in your network marketing business as long as you’re willing to put in the work.

Also, this should show you that if you’re looking to make $100k a year in your network marketing business then you better get started right now instead of pushing it off because “ahhh well, I have all year long to work on this goal.”

Clock starts now.

Let’s get after your 12 week goal.

Here’s where you want to write out the activities goals that will align with making $25,000 total every 12 weeks.

  • What income-producing activities will you focus on each day?
  • How much time would be required to make that income goal happen every day?
  • Which emerging leaders in your organization (select a few) can you help get to the next level?
  • What tasks can you eliminate in your life to help you focus on this goal?

Keep this in mind…

Do not put this pressure on your team. I’ve heard too many stories where “leaders” put the pressure on their teammates for not performing and stress them out to the point where people go inactive or quit because it’s no longer fun. Network marketing is fun. It’s also voluntary. So if you’re pressuring your team to perform because you want to make $100,000 then you’re doing it wrong.

Again, you want to focus on the ACTIVITIES of obtaining the goal, not the outcome. I recommend getting your team focused on the activities and rewarding/recognizing them for doing the daily activities, not for their production.

I hope this blog has helped you get hungry and smash your goals in network marketing.

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