How to Start Your Own Blog!
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start your own blog

How to Start Your Own Blog!

Are you wondering how to become a blogger for your business or how to start your own blog?

If you’re in network marketing as well, I’ll briefly go over what a blog is, what to write for a blog, and the importance of blogging for network marketers.

Don’t worry. If technology scares you, I’m going to keep this simple and straight forward with a video below so you can start blogging today.

Getting started on Your Blog

1. How to become a blogger

In my opinion, I believe the best blogging website service out there is WordPress. You can start a blog for free or you can use the pro version which comes with a million different themes to choose from. If you plan to start your own blog and continue blogging long term, I would highly recommend using the pro version of WordPress so you can take advantage of all of the plugins when creating a blog.

I would also recommend using as well to purchase your own domain name (or .com) when starting your blog. You can find coupons for GoDaddy that will give you great discounts on creating your own domain name for your blog that have 50% – 90% discounts off.

2. What to write on your blog

Here’s a simply way to start blogging for beginners, especially if you’re in network marketing.

Everything that I learn from other trainers, I share with you so that you can benefit from this knowledge. It’s called “invest, learn, and teach.”

Invest. Learn. Teach.

When you invest your time (or money) to learn valuable information, you then teach it on your blog. Every event you attend, webinar you watch, video that you learn from, or book that you read…you can teach what you’ve learned and put it in your own words on your blog.

Think of all the information that you’ve learned in the past or while on your journey as a network marketer – that’s how easy it is to start your own blog.

3. When to start your own blog

Right now. Most people will start blogging once “they’ve made it.” If you’re brand new to network marketing and you want to dominate the industry, you need to start your own blog now.

This is a long-term strategy for marketing those most people are willing to see down the road. If I could start all over in my network marketing career, I would’ve started blogging immediately which would give me over four years of blogs – 1,460+ blog posts.


Start researching “what is a blog” or research other blogger blogs and get ahead of the game now with how to start your own blog.

4. Why it’s important to start your own blog

If technology scares you, that’s okay. Start creating content daily simply because no one else is doing it. People are so focused on growing their business with Facebook Live videos (which are amazing), but you have to remember that a Facebook Live video will only generate high traffic for a few days and then it’s lost in the newsfeed.

A website (or blog) will be on Google search engines forever and generate endless leads to you while you’re sleeping. So you can either let technology scare you, or wait until you figure it all out, or you can get going now on how to start your own blog.

5. Understanding Google Keyword Planner Tool

Here’s a great video I found from Sincerely Jean that explains how to get your blog to the top of Google’s search engine by searching for keywords people are searching for.

In conclusion…

It’s my goal to create a blog at least once a day. That means that I have to discipline myself to invest in coaching or training material at least once a day, find something I learned and got value from, and then teach that to you guys.

I would highly recommend that you jump on this train as well and if you already started your own blog, I would love for you to comment your website address below or give some feedback on how you were able to start your own blog!

Cheers to your success!

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