How to Target The Perfect Niche Market!
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How to Target The Perfect Niche Market!

What is a niche and how do you target the perfect niche market? Maybe you’re new to network marketing and you’re trying to figure out things like “what’s my message?”, “do I have the exact avatar that I should be talking to?” or “who’s my exact target audience that I’m talking to?”

If so, then you’re probably scratching your head because you’ve heard other trainers/gurus tell you that you need to “speak to your people” and provide value to them, but still…what does that even mean?

Here are three ways on how to choose a niche marketing strategy within network marketing. When looking for ways to dominate the online industry and your specific market, there are too many people focused on overcomplicating things, doing what works because their upline sponsor told them that’s what works best (instead of following their passions), and deciding that they’ll wait until they’ve had success FIRST before putting great content out on the internet.


1. Don’t Overcomplicate your niche

People who are new to network marketing tend to complicate this because they want to follow what their upline sponsor is doing. Relax! It’s not about what works best for people…it’s about what fires people up.

What fires you up? Whatever it is – that’s your target!

Here are a list of niche markets;

  • Firefighters, Paramedics, Doctors, Chiropractors, or Nurses.
  • Car Salesmen, Realtors, Retail Managers, or Verizon Wireless Staff.
  • Teachers, Fitness Instructors, Professors, or Motivational Speakers.

Instead of overcomplicating things, just think about what excites you or what you can talk forever about with others. If you check out the video below, I’m helping you think about who it is that you want to serve, what types or issues they face on a day-to-day basis, and how YOU can be the one to solve their problems and dominate that profession.


IMAGINE if you were the one that untapped niche markets and you were the one to help them solve whatever problems they’re having. That’s the key to dominating your audience.

2. Passion = profitable niche markets.

Once you’ve identified what you’re really passionate about (DIY crafts, traveling, chiropractic care), now you need to figure out and understand what that niche market has for problems, pains, frustrations, and how you can add value to their lives in the market place. Check out what Lucy says about narrowing your exact market down while adding value.

Example: Helping Chiropractors become better at marketing their business.

Once you’ve figured out how to find your niche in business, now you just have to help them with the problems that they face because you’ll instantly become the authority figure and leader in that profession!

What if you don’t know which niche target to market to?

Pick one and run with it. 

What’s important for you as a network marketer, is that you start getting in the habit of creating daily content instead of just dreaming about it. Don’t wait until you have a big following or the perfect logo for your blog. Just get started now!

3. You’ll learn from being in the field.

By now, you might be thinking of a few demographics and untapped niche markets to work with, but what’s most important is that you start producing content today that offers value to your target niche audience and you learn on the way.

Maybe you decide a year down the road that you want to work with massage therapists instead of chiropractors, is that okay? Absolutely.

What’s important is that you’ve created the habit of offering value daily and like my man Faris Khalifeh says, “The narrower [the niche], the more opportunities. Because when you narrow your niche you’re more personalized, so your message is heard more. It’s more impactful, you’re speaking their language and the keywords they are using.

Check out this video training below to help further explain.

Cheers to your success!

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