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motivate mlm team recognition

How to Motivate Your MLM Team With Recognition!

One of the best things you can do to motivate your MLM team is to shower them with recognition and praise to help build massive momentum!

Good leaders are great at recognition—for accomplishments both great and small! I’ve heard the saying: “people will work harder for praises than raises!” This couldn’t be more true.

Here are a few reasons why recognition is so important for building a large MLM team and ways you can effective recognize your teammates!



How to Motivate Your MLM Team With Recognition!

Why Is Recognition Important?

First, do you think people honestly feel both fulfilled at their jobs or in their home life? I mean, it’s very possible but I don’t remember hearing appraisal for the last time I scrubbed the toilet.

Before leaving my full-time job, my boss was great, but I don’t remember being uplifted every day for completing tasks and doing my job, or just for being on time every day! To be honest, most traditional jobs feel like you’re there to do your job and collect your paycheck every week. Right?

But, do you know how cool it feels when your boss notices you for your hard work??

Yes! That feeling when you’re acknowledged for being a hard-worker and your boss says something awesome about you – even the smallest thing – it makes you feel incredible.

That’s why it’s important for us to recognize our teammates for putting in the work and if you read to the very end of this blog, I’ll discuss the most important things to recognize your team for when it comes to motivating your MLM team!

Ways To Recognize Your MLM Team

1. Shoutouts in Your Team Page

Most people in Network Marketing have a team page (or Facebook Group) to stay connected with everyone in the team for company announcements, breaking news, and a place for teammates to ask questions.

This is also a great place to grow your MLM team culture. Instead of JUST recognizing people for being the best recruiter or top sales for the month, why not recognize them with something that says, “hey I notice you working…keep that shit up!

This means recognizing your team for;

  • Going Live in Facebook
  • Sharing a vulnerable story and making an awesome post on social media
  • Inviting 30 people this week to look at your business opportunity
  • Scheduling 3 way calls with you
  • Simply attending an event.

2. Creating New “Rank Badges”

motivate mlm teamYou want to create an AWESOME culture inside of your team? Try this because it’s extremely fun. We created “Rank Badges” for the team builders but instead of using our company rank titles, we simply created out own.

We use Rank Badges like; Biz Badass, Goal Crusher, Heavy Hitter, Record Smasher, Biz Gangster, etc.

I’ll also note that achieving these Rank badges is solely based on YOUR efforts and not on your downline. I’ve seen WAY TOO MANY distributors from different companies stress out and have major anxiety because rank titles were based on their downline’s production. Not a fun way to run business. Focus on your path and don’t shame others because their desire level to build a business is different from yours.

3. Fun Recognition Rewards Based on Activity!

Wait, what? Reward your teammates based on activity and not production??

Yes. Create an EQUAL playing field for everyone.

We like to run contests just about once a month to motivate our MLM team and reward them for putting in the work. But did you know that about 80% of your downline WILL NOT participate in contests if it’s based on production versus participation??

Reason for this is because they tell themselves, “Well…Hotshot Superstar Sally” will most likely win the contest because she can recruit and sponsor 20 new teammates every month so what’s the point of even trying if Sally is going to win?”

You need to create a contest so EVERYONE has a chance to win, not just your major producers. I’ve run contest where teammates were entered to win prizes by simply screenshotting a conversation where they asked a prospect if they’re open to taking a look at the business opportunity video.

I also run weekly contests where they enter to win a prize for entering their prospecting numbers into a “tracker” once a week and I’ll go in there and randomly select someone for putting in their numbers. You don’t need to buy a motorcycle every week or something huge!

You can find a fun prize that would mean something to them and their lifestyle, a personal development book from Amazon, or random little “nick-nacks” that simply shows them you notice their work!


I hope the video above and these tips on How to Motivate Your MLM Team With Recognition! have helped you with growing your Network Marketing business. I would love to hear your feedback in the comments section below!


I wish you all the success in the world!














P.S. If you ever considered working with me personally and you’re interested in creating more time, wealth, and freedom in your life through network marketing as well… reach out to me here and we’ll see if our MLM side hustle is a right fit for you.


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