How To Use INSTAGRAM To Grow Your Network Marketing Business!
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How To Use INSTAGRAM To Grow Your Network Marketing Business!

Looking for great prospects by using Instagram for your MLM? Here’s a quick prospecting technique to instantly find people to talk to on Instagram.


There are a lot of strategies that I’ve seen top network marketers on Instagram use for lead generations like links in their bio that drives traffic to landing pages and spending a lot of time developing their brand on Instagram. They are great MLM strategies, but here’s something that is simple to do and everyone in your team (who has Instagram) can do this today without any knowledge or experience with Instagram.


It’s called using “Instagram Polls” in your stories. Check out the video below to see step by step how to set this up and free network marketing recruiting scripts to start talking to prospects.



How To Use INSTAGRAM To Grow Your Network Marketing Business!


IF you prefer using Instagram to find prospects for your Network Marketing business, here’s a cool way to find out who’s looking for “something extra” in their life without being that salesy, pushy, or hypey billboard type of marketer.


Using Instagram Polls With Your Followers


Instagram has this feature called, “Stories.” This allows your followers to see more closely into your life which builds that know, like, and trust factor for people to have more of a personal connection with you in an indirect way.


One of the “Stories” you can select are polls. With this feature, you can have your followers vote on a question you ask and then you can see their answers as well. One thing I like to ask is “what do you want MORE of in life?” with the two answers being FUN or MONEY.


This is not a blog/video training on how to promote MLM on Instagram.

People are tired of that.


This allows you to see what your Instagram Followers are seeking more of in their life and I bet whatever Network Marketing company that you’re with – you probably have an opportunity that allows people to make an extra income from home or anywhere with wifi AND while having a lot of fun at the same time, right?


Simple Prospect Scripts To Use On Instagram


Once your poll is up, you’ll see everyone who votes. Now would be a great time to reach out to these prospects and see if they are open to an opportunity to create more money and have more fun in their life.


STEP 1: “Were you serious or not really?”


The first message I’ll send the prospects on Instagram after they voted is, “Hey hey, I really appreciate you taking the time out of your day to vote on that poll. Just curious, were you serious about creating more FUN in your life or were you just playing? If not, no biggie.


Typically, people reply with saying they were serious…or I’d at least hope so. When they reply with, “I was definitely serious!” you go to the next interest-piquing question to see if they’re open to an opportunity.


STEP 2: “If there was…would you be..?”


Once they’ve said they were serious I’ll see if they’re open to checking out an opportunity that would help them create more FUN or MONEY in their life. I do this by saying, “Okay cool. Well listen, I’m running out the door now…but if there was a way for you to create more money in your life while having a blast doing it, would you be open to checking it out?


Again, they typically say YES or ask what the details are. Since I told them I’m in a hurry and running out the door (even if I’m most likely not…), I’m going to send them a video that best explains the opportunity so that I can continue talking to more people and seeing if they’re open to a network marketing opportunity to make more money.


STEP 3: Send the video


Pretty self-explanatory. If they tell you they are open to hearing more information, then simply say, “Okay great. Like I said, I’m out the door now, but if I sent you a quick 10 minute video that explains everything best, how soon would you be able to check that out and get back to me?


Whatever time they give you, send the video and follow up at that time to see what they liked best. If they ignore you, who cares…probably means they aren’t interested OR it’s not the best timing for them. If they do reply to you and they do see opportunity, then you can go into the closing prospect and enrolling your new prospects as a new business partner or customer in your network marketing opportunity.


Instagram prospects network marketing


And that’s one way to use Instagram for Network Marketing!


Obviously there are a lot of creative ways to find cold market prospects using Instagram but this is one of my favorites because I’m only looking for people who are looking for an opportunity whether it’s being part of a fun community of entrepreneurs who dream big or create compete financial freedom in their life.



I hope this blog on “How To Use INSTAGRAM To Grow Your Network Marketing Business!” has helped you with your business. If so, I would love to see your feedback in the comments section below!












P.S. If you ever considered working with me personally and you’re interested in creating more time, wealth, and freedom in your life through network marketing as well… reach out to me here and we’ll see if our opportunity is a right fit for you.



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