How To Build The "Know Like and Trust" Factor in MLM
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know like and trust mlm network marketing

How To Build The “Know Like and Trust” Factor in MLM

Have you heard people in your MLM company talking about the importance of establishing the “know like and trust” factor in your business? Here are four ways to do just that.


know like and trust mlm

If you’re not sure what this means, you can watch the video below that

best explains this sales secret, but for example, would you give $5,000 to invest in stocks with someone that you didn’t know, like, and trust? Probably not. Although, the startup cost in Network Marketing isn’t nearly that much money but if you want people to purchase your product or go into business with you, you must infuse this principle into your social media.



 How To Build The “Know Like and Trust” Factor in MLM



Know Like And Trust Factor #1


I’m going to start with this one first because right now it’s the most important part of growing your Network Marketing business through social media – Facebook Live videos. Too many business owners are scared to go live because people might laugh when they mess up, or they might say something stupid. Who cares?


If you’re offering great valuable information through Facebook Live videos about how to build your MLM business, you’ll have people watching you that start to like you because you’re just being you, they begin to know you more and more as you’re consistent with your video content, and now they trust you to do business with you.


It doesn’t have to be MLM tips either. It can be fitness tips if your product is fitness. It can be beauty tips if your product is makeup. Pick your niche and deliver them the goods!


Know Like And Trust Factor #2


Give them free information to download! If there was someone I was watching and I liked the content they were posting on social media AND I checked out their free eBook pdf to download AND it was amazing – I’d probably want to check into more of their stuff because they gave me such great valuable information for free.


If you’re reading this, I create all my PDF downloads through or I use to create video training series as well. Both are great services to use where you can create an email list of your followers!


Know Like And Trust Factor #3


Being real, relatable, and promoting others into the spotlight! If you watch the video above, you’ll see how I was too busy with my arms wrapped around myself because I was trying to stand out over others. However, in doing that, I wasn’t relatable.


Yes, I had all of this awesome stuff happening in my life, but I wasn’t showing others that I was a normal dude from Northern NY who simply plugged into trainings and got to work, and that THEY could have success as well!


I was trying to be perfect. Not show my flaws or problems (because no one wants to wear their problems on their shirt) but that’s where people can connect and relate to you. Again, when people KNOW LIKE AND TRUST YOU, they’ll do business with you.


Know Like And Trust Factor #4


Share stories and testimonials. Ever heard the saying, “Facts Tell, Stories Sell?”


It’s true.


No one cares how much you know; the percentages, the statistics, the ingredients, or why your company is the best company ever. They want to see that THEY CAN HAVE RESULTS TOO and the best way to show people that is by giving them testimonials from the people you’re working with either as a business partner in your MLM or with the product you offer.


When they see you’re having fun and having success in Network Marketing AND you’re helping others having fun and getting results as well, they will join you because you’re smashing them with the LIKE KNOW AND TRUST factor!


I hope this blog on “How To Build The “Know Like and Trust” Factor in MLM” has helped you with your business. If so, I would love to see your feedback in the comments section below!












P.S. If you ever considered working with me personally and you’re interested in creating more time, wealth, and freedom in your life through network marketing as well… reach out to me here and we’ll see if our opportunity is a right fit for you.



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