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Leadership Tip: Monkey See, Monkey Do!

What would you say are the biggest traits of a leader?

I would argue that a few key characteristic traits of a leader are things like;

  • Someone who brings value that encourages others to follow
  • Someone who invests in and works on themselves daily.
  • Someone who doesn’t “go with the crowd”
  • Someone who is not “sometimes” a leader.


These are just a few to mention, but the biggest and most important key characteristic of a leader in multilevel marketing is someone who does what they ask others to do.

Leadership Tip: Monkey See, Monkey Do! monkey-using-computer

What’s the best way to motivate your team? By leading by example.

Not everyone is up for the task of having massive success in their business or being able to retire from their jobs to work from home – and that’s okay.

But if you are that someone who does want to grow a large MLM team, you have to understand that true leaders don’t see their business as a hobby, but more as a million dollar business…they are the “Steve Jobs” of their business.

If your actions were public, would you have the same daily actions?

Most people will say “no” and the biggest reason why most people fail in network marketing is because they simply can’t be consistent with the daily tasks to build their MLM business.

As a leader, it’s not your job to motivate your team. It’s your job to show them what’s possible when you simply do the work, every single day, even when it sucks.

So, show them the work you’re putting in and see if they can at least match half of your effort. This morning, I posted an audio into my team page that I found to help others posture up and power through their prospect list. This shows them I’m up getting my mind right before the sun comes up. I’m writing this blog when I could be eating Cheerios and watching funny prank videos. Afterwards, I’ll bust out a Facebook Live video and then start going through my prospect list.

All of this they can see!

When people start seeing you as someone who’s consistent and shows up daily, they’ll be inspired to take action in their business as well. You’ll start attracting and recruiting other leaders into your business. In two years from now, not only will you have a thriving business inside network marketing, but you’ll room packed full of leaders who are ready to run to the top with you. #MonkeySeeMonkeyDo

Check out my last tip in the video below for those who come to you and are struggling with their business. This is a great mindset-shift trick and will get your team focused on taking action immediately!


I hope that video helped! If it did, be sure to leave me for feedback in the comments section below.

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