Tips for Traveling to MLM Events with a Baby
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Tips for Traveling to MLM Events with a Baby

Is it worth it to be traveling to MLM events with a newborn baby? Here are a few tips to help new parents when traveling across country with your baby.


Just a heads up…it’s totally doable to be a brand new parent and bring your baby with you to the events. To be honest, a three month old was the perfect age because he just sat in our laps or his carseat when he wasn’t feeding. If he started getting fussy or blew up his diaper, we just went out the door real quick.


And by the way, this was in Las Vegas. Yeah, a bit crazy!


trey bearor mlm events traveling baby


Tips for Traveling to MLM Events with a Baby


Since it was our first time flying across country with a baby to our company’s MLM events, I surprised my fiancé with first class seats because I know she was very nervous about how our son would cope with his first flight. That alone was awesome because we had plenty of room for the diaper bag and another carry on and she was completely stress-free when it came to breastfeeding the baby.


In fact, she couldn’t toss back the mimosas fast enough!


Baby Traveling Tip #1


This gate check bag for baby strollers and for car seats was extremely helpful. What’s really cool is when you’re traveling with a baby, you don’t have to pay extra to check luggage, strollers, car seats, etc.


However, we knew that luggage typically gets thrown around and damage so these bright red bags were perfect for expensive car seats and strollers and we did decide to check them instead of bringing them onto the plane.


Keep this in mind!! If you decide to check your stroller at the front desk, you are literally carrying a 20 pound baby with you everywhere. It gets hot. You get sweaty and a bit cranky. Maybe that’s just me because I hate people at airports. #sorrynotsorry





Baby Traveling Tip #2


It didn’t hit me until we were packing for the MLM events in Vegas that the hotel we were staying at probably didn’t have a baby crib for our son to sleep in. My genius fiancé came to the rescue and brought this Snuggle Nest.


I won’t lie. I was really hesitant about our son sleeping in this thing in our bed because I’ve literally had nightmares where I was sleeping on him but this thing does a great job of separating the three of us in bed and Jaxon slept great.


It’s light and you can pack their blankets inside before folding it up. It sat perfectly inside this hard-cover suitcase luggage.






Baby Traveling Tip #3


This Medela Storage Kit and Ice Pack was a life-saver for the fiancé and would help other new moms who have a difficult time producing milk. It helps keep your breast milk cold and comes with a frozen pack with it. You can fit 4 bottles easily inside this pack.


A big tip we learned when flying with a newborn baby is to make sure they’re either feeding or sucking on a pacifier when taking off to prevent their ears from hurting.


It was really convenient to open up one of these bottles that were nice and cold, and ask the flight attendant to bring a cup of hot water to put the bottles in and warm up. To be honest, we flew Delta and they were so nice and helpful to us.




Last Baby Traveling Tip


traveling with baby to mlm eventsLoosen up. Just go and roll with it. If your baby fusses a bit, that’s fine. You’re probably attending your MLM events because you want to take your business to the next level and you want to give your children the best life they could ever ask for.


So if that means you have to change a dirty diaper or two in a bathroom stall, then so be it.


Also, try as best as you can to focus on the message of the MLM events. If that means you give your kid a cell phone a bit to shut them up, it’s not going to hurt. If they rattle a toy a bit, so what. You’ll find more people will want to squeeze your baby’s cheeks rather than roll their eyes.


Yes, you’re going to miss the fun dance parties and the late night drinks with friends but you’ll also skip out on the hangovers and make the best of it by ordering yummy room service. You can also stay a few extra days after the event and go on fun adventures and sight-seeing with your family. It makes traveling with a baby so much more fun!




direct cellars mlm event baby traveling tips

Jaxon went on stage with us! <3


I hope that these traveling tips with your baby while attending your MLM events have helped. If they have, please give your feedback or ask any questions that you might have in the comments section below.


Cheers to your success!!











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