3 Ways to Leverage Your MLM Leaders in Network Marketing!
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leverage mlm leaders network marketing

3 Ways To Leverage Your MLM Leaders In Network Marketing!

This MLM secret will show you three ways to leverage your Upline Sponsors and MLM leaders to start working for you in Network Marketing!


If you’re not utilizing your Upline Sponsor’s time, money, and efforts…you’re leaving a lot of money on the table. Also, before anyone shoots me an email saying your upline leader doesn’t help you and is never there for you, ask yourself if you’re coachable first and you follow the training they’ve given you in the first place. More importantly, are you putting in the work yourself?


If so, I’ll show you three ways to leverage the top earners in network marketing to help you grow a massive downline in your MLM business and you can start duplicating these MLM secrets to your team as well.





3 Ways to Leverage Your MLM Leaders in Network Marketing!


What does “leverage your MLM Leaders” mean?


The law of leverage in network marketing is when you make an income derived from the efforts of others. The majority of people in the world today earn a linear income, which basically means that they trade their time for money and unfortunately no matter how clever they are or how high their hourly rate, they are still restricted to only 24 hours in a day and therefore a limited earning potential.



Leverage allows you to use the time and efforts of others to create an income. By learning to leverage your time, you can financially benefit not only from your own efforts, but from other people’s efforts as well.



1. How to Leverage TIME in Network Marketing


A common saying in Network Marketing is “the point of each exposure is to point your next prospect to the next exposure,” which means once you’ve presenting your MLM business opportunity to a prospect and they don’t sign up on the spot, point them (aka leverage) to another third party tool.


This third party tool would be your Upline Sponsor or MLM Leader.


I’m assuming your Upline Sponsor (or Network Marketing company) spends time running weekly team calls, weekly trainings, or even weekly opportunity calls/events once a week.


You should tell your list of prospects that there’s a “special invite-only call” going on next week and if they aren’t doing anything that evening, they should hop on the training call to further understand how your business operates, see how valuable the trainings are each week, and also leverage your MLM leaders who spend a lot of their time to support the team in growing their business.


2. How to Leverage MONEY in Network Marketing


Do you have top network marketing leaders in your company that run local events? I remember when my upline sponsor held this awesome event with give-away prizes and this really jazzy venue in Manhattan.


I told myself, “Man…they must have spent a lot of money for this! I can’t wait until I can run awesome events like this when I become a successful MLM networker!


Instead of doing that, I decided to LEVERAGE the money that my MLM Leaders were spending to run these events and I would bring as many prospects to the event as I possible could. Once a month, they spent a lot of money to run these events and all I had to do was bring ice and some cups to the events while focusing on getting as many of my prospects to this event.


What if you don’t live near your Upline MLM Leaders?


If you live across the country from your team events, I would still train your downline for network marketing success by leveraging this event. If the event was in San Diego, California and I lived in New York…I would go online and find as many of my friends who are near the San Diego area and tell them how important it would be for them to get to this event.


Again, that’s leveraging money spent to host these events and you’re across the country waiting to hear back from your prospect who attended the event.


3. How to Leverage EFFORT in Network Marketing


Let’s say you just started in your business and you’re still learning how to be a successful MLM networker in your business. I’m sure people have asked you, “what kind of results have you had so far in your business?” and you’re wondering how you can overcome this objection.


I would absolutely leverage the efforts of my MLM leader and tell your prospect this…


I’m just getting started but the leaders in the company are teaching me exactly how to grow the business and the support has been incredible, super fired up for the first time in a long time! If you want to run with me, that would be great, if not, no big deal.


You should probably write that one down. #value


You can also leverage your Upline MLM Leaders by doing 3-way calls. I know some people say these are old school, but I disagree because they’re incredibly powerful for you and your prospects.


When you get your upline sponsor on a three way call, not only are you learning from the top leaders in network marketing and hearing how they “close” people, but now your prospect sees the amount of support they would have from you and your upline leader IF they decided to join your MLM business as well. Powerful!


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I hope the video above and these three tips on how to leverage your MLM Leaders in Network Marketing have helped you with your business. If so, I would love to see your feedback in the comments section below!












P.S. If you ever considered working with me personally and you’re interested in creating more time, wealth, and freedom in your life through network marketing as well… reach out to me here and we’ll see if our opportunity is a right fit for you.



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