How to Crush Your MLM Business During the Holidays
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MLM Tips: How to Crush Your Business During the Holidays

The holidays can be tough. Here are four MLM business tips to help you crush your business during the busy holidays and create momentum into the following year.

As you know, most people like to be consumers near the end of the year and prefer to make their resolutions for a “new year, new me.” This is when you want to work the hardest and plant the most seeds!

You’ll find that after the holidays, most prospects are ready to invest money and time in their own side network marketing business.

So you want to make sure you and your team are ready and trained for the huge momentum of sign up’s coming in BEFORE the new year and working through the holidays instead of taking a two week vacation.

How to Crush Your MLM Business During the Holidays

1. MLM Tips – Reconnect with all prospects.

As I mentioned above, the month of December is typically the slowest month of the year for business in network marketing because everyone is trying to save their money for the holidays. However, it’s still VERY important to be “planting the seeds” and asking prospects if they’re at all open to making an additional income or trying your products throughout the month.

More importantly, it’s vital that you reconnect with your list of prospects to keep the relationship strong and growing by simply wishing them a happy holidays. This is not a chance for you to pitch your business!

2. Plug Personal Development like a boss.

This should be a daily habit for you to dive into a good personal development book or grab business tips from listening to an audiobook. The very least you could do to push your MLM business forward through the busy holidays is by keeping your mindset sharp and your vision strong.

3. Rock a Team “Vision Call”

You probably won’t get much team participation on the day of Christmas, but give it a day or two afterwards and you’ll have rockstars ready to get started on the new year.

This is a perfect time to talk about vision and help your team create a plan to crush their goals in network marketing. You could even make it fun and enjoy a glass of wine while all of you create vision boards on a Zoom call.

4. Write Individual Letters of Gratitude!

When’s the last time you received a hand-written note from someone? The seventh grade?

This will probably get over-looked by a lot of network marketers because it might seem like a waste of time. I can’t even stress the importance of showing your downline how much you care about them and grow GRATEFUL you are for each of them.

Here’s a beautiful quote…”no one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.

When your MLM team knows how much you care about them and see how you took the time to personally write them a hand-written note of gratitude, they will bend over backwards for you.

Remember, your team is voluntarily showing up to build their business. They can leave at any time so be grateful to have a business and a team culture where people are excited to get to work and are hungry to get to the top with you.

I wish you all the success in the world!


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