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MLM Objection Handling: I'm not a good salesman

MLM Objection: “I’m Not A Salesman!”

Are you hearing this objection from people that they cannot join your Network Marketing or MLM business because “I’m not a good salesman“?

I’m going to share a few MLM secrets with you about why you’re hearing this objection and how MLM Recruiting will help you understand how to grow your business by sharing two reasons why you’re hearing the “I’m not a Salesman” objection.

MLM Objection: “I’m not a Salesman!”

The true successful Network Marketers understand this MLM secret – it’s not about being a good salesman, but rather being coachable and being a good teacher.

You should never look for someone who can sell, sell, sell and if come across someone who is a good salesman then you’ll find that you’ll have to detrain them from their sales training experience.

This is not about who you can close as a good salesman.

This is about how well you can teach and train your team to follow a step-by-step system and use a third party tool (video) to explain your opportunity or product.

Also, if you’re hearing this MLM recruiting objection from someone, it’s most likely because of one or two things;

  1. It’s a simple objection to give you because they aren’t interested.
  2. They genuinely care about people and don’t want to sell them.

It’s our job as Network Marketing professionals to show people and help them understand that our opportunity or products are for helping people. This is extremely important and if you can show prospects that you have an opportunity to help them make an extra income from home, create time in their busy schedule, and have the freedom to travel then you probably won’t hear this objection of “I’m not a good salesman!

Lastly, here’s a simple MLM Recruiting and Objections script that I used today to help show a prospect that I wasn’t interested in “aggressive sales people” to join my business.

MLM Script for “I’m not a Salesman!”: “Perfect! It’s actually a good thing that you’re not a salesperson as that means I do not have to de-train you. This is about following our training not bringing your sales skills to the table. Whether you are a salesperson or not isn’t really the question, the question is are you coachable, and if you are, then we can work with you and show you, step by step, how to do this business. Does that make sense?”


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