MLM Prospecting: How to Recruit More Without Being Pushy
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MLM Prospecting: How to Recruit Without Being Pushy

When it comes to MLM prospecting, are reps actually recruit more prospects in their business without being too pushy or salesy? Absolutely. Here’s how to do it.


I’ve been in the Network Marketing industry for almost six years now and I’ve done/seen my fair share of being pushy and salesy. I had to learn the hard way that people don’t like that and it’s actually a very ineffective way to sponsor people into your business.


If you’re just getting into MLM (multi-level marketing) and you’re looking for some Network Marketing prospecting scripts without “getting right to the point” about your business, here’s a simple 3-step invite formula you can use



MLM Prospecting: How to Recruit More Without Being Pushy


Alright, let’s get into the nitty gritty of MLM prospecting and sending out those invitational scripts to people in our cold market or warm market and break this down into three simple steps to follow.


Step 1: First enticing message


We all know that people on FB Messenger and on Instagram can preview the first line of our message when it slides into their inbox, so we want to make sure it’s enticing to them to open it up and see we aren’t mass-messaging the same message to everyone.


Here’s a simple enticing message you can send:

“Hey Patricia, I almost didn’t reach out to you… but then I decide why not? I just didn’t want you to think this was another spammy message. I follow you here on Instagram and love your content. What is it that you do?”



Use their first name so they know you’re talking directly to them.

Don’t use exclamation points or emojis. Be a professional.


Step 2: Small talk, small talk


Just be a human being and have a conversation with your prospect. Ask a bit more about them, but keep in mind…do not carry on the conversation for the next 10 minutes, 10 days, or 10 months.


Get to the point. Ask them if they’re open!


Step 3: Ask if they’re open


The most important factor when it comes to MLM prospecting is seeing if they’re interested and if not, it’s okay to still remain friends. Just simply ask your prospect if they’re open to checking out your business, product, or service. You can do this either indirectly or directly like this:


Indirect Approach:

“Hey, I gotta run quick…but just curious, do you know of anyone who might be open to a side project to make extra money if it didn’t interfere with what they’re currently doing? If not, no big deal.”


Direct Approach:

“Hey, I gotta get going… but I did want to ask you (and it may not even be a fit for you)… I run a side business and we’re always looking for fun, energetic people like yourself. Just curious if you leave your career options open when it comes to making money? If not, no worries.”


If your prospect asks you for details or “what is it?” you can always repeat to them that you’re literally running out the door and ask them when they’d be able to watch a quick 5 minute video (or third party prospecting tool) that explains the opportunity (product) and follow up with them later on.


Make your tools make you the money!


In conclusion…


Stop over-thinking the MLM prospecting process. Your job isn’t to sell someone or convince them to join your Network Marketing business. Your only job to make a connection with them and see if they are open to your products, service, or opportunity. If they aren’t, who cares? Go talk to more people because I promise you there are A LOT of people out there in the world who could use an extra income on the side or benefit from your products in some way.


However, if you’re too scared to approach people and see if they are open to what you have to offer…you’ll never be able to leave an impact and change someone else’s life.







I hope this blog on “MLM Prospecting: How to Recruit More Without Being Pushy” has helped you with your business. If so, I would love to see your feedback in the comments section below!












P.S. If you ever considered working with me personally and you’re interested in creating more time, wealth, and freedom in your life through network marketing as well… reach out to me here and we’ll see if our opportunity is a right fit for you.



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