MLM Recruiting Scripts: "Pitch the Pitcher"
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MLM Recruiting Scripts: “Pitch the Pitcher”

What do you do when you’re currently building a Multi level Marketing (MLM) business and someone tries to pitch you on joining their business? You pitch the pitcher.

First off…understand that as you become successful in your network marketing company, you’ll have a lot of people in the MLM industry who invite you to take a look at their business.

To be honest, I don’t mind taking a look at different MLM opportunities but I have zero interest in building two businesses regardless of how awesome it may seem.

So here’s exactly what I do when someone uses a recruiting script on me to join their MLM business.

MLM Recruiting Script: “Pitch the Pitcher”

Most invites I get are cold market recruiting scripts, meaning people found me from social media and throw a “Hail Mary” just to see if I’d be open to joining their business without building rapport with me first. An example would look something like this…

First MLM script message…

Pitcher: “Hey Trey, I found you through your daily live videos on Facebook and I was just curious if you’d consider taking a look at this new, ground-floor business opportunity that JUST LAUNCHED…with the #1 ingredient from the medieval jungles of Malaysia. You’d crush this new MLM business opportunity and be so amazing. My mentor makes $10,000 a week and just started 6 months ago. Whaddya say??! Here’s my link for more info: blahblahblah(dot)com

That’s just an example of a poor network marketing invitation script, obviously. But here’s how I would respond.

Trey: “Hey _________. Nice to connect with you! Question for you – how’s is this tactic working out for you? Just curious. Have an awesome day, homie! -Trey

Now, I’m not trying to sound rude or be a jerk to the Pitcher because I remember exactly what it was like when I first started in multi level marketing. But I do want them to know there’s a much better way for approaching cold market prospects while still using a script. My friend Peter Nguyen does an excellent job at this.

Second MLM script Message…

Pitcher: “It’s working out really well (liar) and this business is blowing up! My upline mentor is teaching me how to reach out to people about joining our team and buying our products. I’m not where he’s at yet, but I’m excited to see where this leads me.

[To be honest, it doesn’t matter what their response is…I will respond with this.]

Trey: “_________, I’d be happy to hear more about your business. I was just curious about your approach on Facebook because I’ve done a lot of internet marketing, and I think I can help you with a few tweaks to your tactic. If that’s what you’re referring to, I’d be happy to give you some tips. Have an awesome day! -Trey

Here’s the formula to that response….

Compliment + How’s That Working? + Why You’re Asking + Have an Awesome Day!

You never want to come across as rude to fellow network marketers who are just following their upline mentor’s advice, but giving them a compliment and a few tips to help them with their MLM recruiting scripts might possibly help you re-direct their pitch to join their business into them joining YOUR business.

Another MLM Recruiting tip that I will add…

I totally think it’s okay to present your business to other network marketers. I use to think it was shady to “be that guy” but truth is some people lose their desire to build with their original company but still LOVE the freedom that network marketing has to offer.

I love how Tanya Aliza said this and I totally agree.

“I’ve come across a lot of other network marketers who really love the industry but for different reasons haven’t found the leadership, products, and business that suits them best. And it makes sense that this would be the case considering there are many companies that have gone out of business or changed their policies drastically which leaves thousands of network marketers searching for another company and team to join and call their new home.”

So there you have it. A quick cold market script for recruiting strangers into your MLM business and why I feel it’s okay to invite other fellow network marketers to take a look at your business.

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Cheers to your success!

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MLM Recruiting Scripts


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