MLM Recruiting Secrets: Using The Color Personality Test
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mlm secrets recruiting the color test

MLM Recruiting Secrets: Using The Color Personality Test

MLM Recruiting Secrets Color Personality TestWant some powerful MLM recruiting secrets? Do you know how to use the color personality test to build your business more effectively?


Check out the short video below to understand the different personalities to learn how to better deal with colleagues and clients in your business. You might say this could even be useful in understanding your partner when it comes to personal relationships. Understanding gives you a better perspective of a person and how best to react when faced with a stressful situation.



MLM Recruiting Secrets: Using The Color Personality Test


Why is the Color Personality Test important?


The greatest skill you can posses as a networker is the ability to communicate effectively with the person/people that you are presenting to. When presenting your opportunity, you will run into four types of people. The sooner you can identify their color personality type and relate to them, the better chance you will have at influencing them and their decision.


Red Personality Color Type

Decisive, Goal-Oriented, Competitive. Those with this color personality type have a dominant personality with true leadership qualities and see the bigger picture. They are naturally a closer and are motivated by money, the spotlight, and recognition.


Their strengths are that they’re an aggressive builder in recruiting for their MLM business, but their weaknesses are that they won’t listen to you, a bit hard-headed, and are very competitive.


Blue Personality Color Type


Orderly and professional. Very detailed-oriented and need to know everything. Those with this color personality type love the facts and figures, security and stability, and are often engineers, doctors, or lawyers.


Their strengths are that they bring credibility and will always do everything right and their weaknesses are that they’re too analytical, move slowly, not as coachable, and major in minor things. Be sure you’re very patient and take extra time to break things down step by step to create value.


Yellow Personality Color Type


Enthusiastic, exciting, and very outgoing! They are fun-loving, the life of the party, very likable, with lots of friends and a limited attention span. We all know of these guys!


Their strengths are that they will bring a lot of people to the table and their weaknesses are that they probably didn’t read this blog because they have a hard time following through with anyone or anything. #LookSquirrel Make sure you talk about how much fun they’ll have and the exciting aspects of your business such as company retreats.


Green Personality Color Type


Patient, stable, empathetic, very reliable, and extremely supportive. These guys love to help others and are very concerned about what others think. They are servant leaders and money is not a big motivator to them.


Their strengths are that they have quality relationships and a lot of trust within their circle and their weaknesses are that they are very slow to take action because of fear and worry. The best way to relate to them is to talk about helping people, making a difference, and supporting a cause.




MLM Recruiting Secrets: Using The Personality Test


This business is all about building relationships with people while there are no shortcuts there are some things you can do to help you with it. The essence of knowing these personality traits is not to compare yourself and tell them that you are better than them because there is no such thing. No color is greater than the other. There are yellow, red, blue and green group of people who do well in the industry. This is to have an advantage on how to approach them. Go and share this one of the powerful MLM Recruiting secrets.



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I hope this video training on using the color personality test has helped you with growing your MLM business. If so, I would love to see your feedback in the comments section below. I wish you all the success in the world!















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