MLM Team Building: 5 Must Have's for Your Team Page
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MLM Team Building: 5 Must Have’s for Your Team Page

The most important aspect of MLM team building is the culture and having fun in the team page while growing your network marketing business. Here are 5 things to focus on!


A team page must be wrapped around a few main things which are culture, community, family, and FUN. Your team page is everything when building a big team in MLM because it’s your main hub of connecting with teammates all over the world. It’s important that it’s a place for people to feel appreciated and part of the community regardless of their level of success.


Here are FIVE MUST HAVE’s I would definitely have set up inside a team page for growing a network marketing business.


MLM Team Building: 5 Must Have’s for Your Team Page


1. A Welcoming “Pinned Post”


Facebook allows Groups to “pin” a specific post to the very top of the page so it will never get lost in your team page. This is where I would have a welcoming post for all new teammates to find so they see how to get started (as well as get others started).


You can include a brief intro that has links to your team training site, your FAQ section, as well as any community guidelines that you may have. That way when a new distributor starts their new business, you can simply “tag” their name in the pinned post to show them the steps towards getting started.


2. Team Page Core Values


Team Core Values are obviously a must and having the mission statement in bold helps your team see the bigger picture and feel they have more of a purpose than “just selling products” to consumers.


mlm team core values


When building an MLM team, you want to sit down and think of the core values collectively. Here are a few core values we included;


  • Everyone should feel appreciatedI understand that in order to become successful, I must help my team become successful. I must put the success of the team before my own success. I genuinely care about the needs, wants and goals of everyone of this team, even and especially those with different goals than my own.
  • No negativity in the group. I understand that everyone has bad days, differences in opinions, and there will be times of frustration. I will message my upline sponsor if there are any concerns instead of posting negativity in the team group page. I always act with integrity. I always make certain that my input is in the interest of growth and that my feedback is to others is solution-based and considerate. I consider it my responsibility to enjoy an environment free of negativity and will work together with the team to maintain one.
  • We strive to be our best every day. I take full responsibility of the success or failure of my own business and understand that is a marathon and not a sprint. I understand that success lies in my own CONSISTENCY and personal development. The better I get, the easier it becomes. I aim to become a little bit better everyday until I get the results I want.
  • We believe fun should be part of everything that we do. Fulfilling our vision requires an intense focus. We believe it is important to not take ourselves too seriously and try to have some fun while doing it. We will celebrate our successes and any/all success of our teammates!


3. Team Building FAQ’s


Wow! Have you been getting question after question after question from your teammates? If so, it’s probably a great idea to create a list of FAQ’s.


I would recommend short 1-2 minute videos that simply explain each question. Instead of answering your teammate directly, it would make your life way easier to simply tag them in the FAQ section where they can find a massive list of every question you’ve ever heard. This also creates duplication which is super important when it comes to building a successful team and business in Network Marketing or MLM.


Get a handful of your leaders together with all of the questions you want to answer and each of you guys create short videos that you can link to in a FAQ doc inside your team page!


4. Team Page Rank Badges!


team building mlm team pageI love rank badges. LOVE THEM! We decided to create our own “badges” and create our own “ranks” for when teammates push their business forward.




Again, the culture is everything and we decided to create our own company within a company. Your team is absolutely part of your brand that people want to feel part of. I’m sure your network marketing company does a fantastic job with having specific rank names and certain criteria for hitting certain ranks.


We found that instead of having a company-specific rank title, we decided to make our own such as “Biz Gangster” and “Top Hustler” with a cool photo that they can be proud to have on their own Facebook page.


This also creates curiosity from others when their friends say, “Whoa! Tina is doing something awesome with her MLM business and is pushing her business forward with rank advancements. What’s this “Heavy Hitter” badge award she just hit?? I’m going to reach out to her and see what MLM business she’s in and having so much fun with.


5. Team Recognition, Recognition, Recognition


As I mentioned above, it’s important to recognize teammates for “ranking up” in their business. However, not everyone is able to recruit 5 people immediately in their business. Some people it just takes time to build an MLM team, so we want to make sure EVERYONE is getting recognized for their efforts.



  1. First Facebook Live Video
  2. First 3 Way Call with Potential Biz Partner
  3. Completing Their First Personal Development Book
  4. Heard their “First Pyramid Scheme” Objection
  5. Contest for Using The Scripts!
  6. First Customer Testimonial
  7. Completed the Team Page Training in One Week
  8. Messaged Their First 50 People
  9. Heard Their First 10 No’s!
  10. Attended Their First Company Event


Did you notice something? The 10 ideas to recognize MLM teammates in your Team Page had nothing to do with rank advancing or signing customers. Instead, the focus was on what your teammate can control! They can’t control whether or not people sign up, but they can control whether or not they do the income-producing activities that will get people to sign up…wink wink!


I hope this blog on “MLM Team Building: 5 Must Have’s for Your Team Page” has helped you with your network marketing business. If so, I would love to see your feedback in the comments section below!












P.S. If you ever considered working with me personally and you’re interested in creating more time, wealth, and freedom in your life through network marketing as well… reach out to me here and we’ll see if our opportunity is a right fit for you.



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