MLM Tips: Working Personally With Teammates –
Learn the very best MLM tips around working with and growing your teammates instead of investing your time with those who never go and do the work.
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MLM Tips: Working Personally With Teammates


Today, you will learn the very best MLM tips around working with and growing your teammates instead of investing your time with those who never go and do the work.




MLM Tips: Working Personally With Teammates


Here’s a great way to start working with new teammates as well as working with those who tell you they’re “hungry to make things happen.” Just simply ask them these four questions.


1. What TWO things attracted you to this MLM business?


Here’s where your new distributor will tell you why they decided to join the business. Most will say because they loved the products, they liked the compensation plan and the idea of working from home, or they wanted some new excitement in their life and joined a great community.


Whatever reason it is – you just helped them create their first “story” or social media post.


Network Marketing is simply just “story-telling.”


Now they can make a post on social media by telling their story (without mentioning their company or their product name) and attract prospects and potential business partners into their MLM business.


2. What do you want to get out of this business (outside of money)?


This question allows you to help them create their “why.” Most people will say they want to make extra money and that’s why they joined their MLM business, but ask them what they plan to do with that money. Retire their mother from working 60-70 hours a week as a waitress? Work from home and see their kids instead of paying $1,000/week for day care?


Whatever their answer is…this also allows you to show them what means the most to them when times start getting tough in their Network Marketing business. Be upfront and set the expectations in the beginning to let them know they will have slumps and ruts in their business and if their “why” truly has significance to them, it will light them on fire to take action.


3. How many hours/week can you devote to your why?


After they’ve gone to work for the day, spent some time with their kids, how many hours/week can they devote to their business to achieve their why? This is a HUGE MLM TIP because you’re getting them to tell you how much THEY SAID they’ll put towards their business. This is their own contract that they signed and submitted to you. No one likes to call themselves a liar so if they said they can work 10 hours a week but only put 1 hour per week towards their why…you can see where the problem lies.


4. How many people can you get the info in front of per hour one on one?


This is simply a numbers game. Let’s say they can talk to 10 people per hour and they can work 10 hours per week. Based on the numbers they gave you, they can put the business opportunity information in front of 100 people per week. 


So if 1/20 people say “yes” to your business, you should be able to enroll 5 people per week in your MLM business.


The numbers don’t lie!


Instead of putting the stress on you and whether people tell you yes or no…put the stress on the numbers.


I hope these MLM tips with four questions plus the video training above helped you with your business and would love to see your feedback in the comments section below.


I wish you all the success in the world!














P.S. If you ever considered working with me personally and you’re interested in creating more time, wealth, and freedom in your life through network marketing as well… reach out to me here and we’ll see if our MLM side hustle is a right fit for you.


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