3 Things To Give Zero Shits About In Network Marketing
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3 Things To Give Zero Shits About In Network Marketing

There are a few shits that you want to give when it comes your Network Marketing business, but here are THREE major ones you do NOT want to be give.


I hope you don’t mind my transparency here especially when it comes to being looked at as a leader and professional in the MLM industry. But sometimes, you just need to kick back and relax…and tell it how it is. So, enjoy these three tips!




3 Things To Give Zero Shits About In Network Marketing

1. The OUTCOME When Prospecting in Network Marketing


When it comes to prospecting and looking for people to talk to about your products or opportunity, stop getting “hung up” on the outcome of whether people ignore you, tell you no, or give you some dumb response like, “That’s a pyramid scheme!” Also, you should never prejudge someone because you think they’ll just tell you no anyways so you just never ask if they’re open to your business or product.


You should care about people. But you shouldn’t care whether or not they join or tell you no.


What you SHOULD care about is simply the ACTIVITY of prospecting in Network Marketing.

Instead of focusing on the outcome, focus on hitting your ACTIVITY goal of talking to 10 new people per day. THAT’S THE PRIZE!


2. Whether Your Team Produces!


I hear it all the time. “Trey, my team isn’t producing. What do I do?”


Nothing. You stay focused on what YOU can do. You really can’t control people and try to motivate them to do their business because you’ll just burn yourself out trying to light others up. It’s not your responsibility or duty to make people use the tools to change their life, you just need to point them to the tools and training system that’s already set in place and IF THEY want to reach their goals, you’ll be in the trenches working when they’re ready.


What you SHOULD focus on is what YOU produce. Being a leader in Network Marketing isn’t about having amazing charisma or thousands of followers. It’s about being an example to people and doing what you’re telling others to do.

  • You should be actively posting on social media to attract people to you (not be salesy and spammy).
  • You should be actively talking to new people every day and seeing if they’re open to your business opportunity or product.
  • You should be reading or listening to personal development books daily.
  • You should be attending team training calls each week and going to local events.

That’s a leader!


3.  If Someone Leaves Your Network Marketing Team


Write this down…”Some will. Some won’t. So What. What’s Next?


The truth is…some people will join you and some won’t. Some people will go inactive and quit. So what? Who are you going to go talk to next? People join Network Marketing companies voluntarily and if they want to quit…who cares, can’t you still be friends?


The ONLY thing that matters when a teammate quits your business (or joins another business) is that YOU move forward. You move forward because of your vision and your goals, not because of someone elses. I know it can be frustrating when you pour your heart and soul into trying to help people be successful, but when they quit, this allows you to find someone else who’s about to be a rising star on your team OR give more time to those who DO deserve your time.


Most importantly, leaders go forward…with or without.





Just have fun. This is truly a fun business with a lot of money to be made. Control what you can control and that’s the activity of what you can personally do (not the outcome based on others.) If you understand this simple principle, you’ll have incredible success in Network Marketing I promise you.



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I hope this blog on “3 Things To Give Zero Shits About In Network Marketing” has helped you with your business. If so, I would love to see your feedback in the comments section below!












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