4 Secrets to Super Successful Online Video Marketing
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4 Secrets to Super Successful Online Video Marketing

Looking to dominate your industry with online video marketing?

I can’t say I blame you there. Videos have a much higher conversion rate with sales and unless you live under a rock with a low wifi connection, you know that Facebook Live is taking over the online video world and video SEO.

Here are four quick tips to help you with attracting clients to your business through the use of video marketing.

4 Secrets to Super Successful Online Video Marketing

1. Center It Around The Message, Not The Sale.

Wait, what? Am I telling you that in order for you to create more sales in your business you need to stop throwing a sales pitch in your videos? What kind of video marketing strategy is that?

That’s exactly what I’m telling you.

Before making your video, ask yourself what you want the message or story of the video to do. Obviously, you want a sale. However, in my opinion, you’ll attract more clients and customers to your business through your brand instead of being “that guy” who’s looking for a sale.

Your video should do one of three things; empower, educate, or entertain.

Before making your video, ask yourself: “How can I motivate someone today? Can I tell a story to inspire someone to take action? What can I teach/give value on today that aligns with my brand?”

This is the best online video marketing tip for attracting people to your business instead of repelling them away!

2. Make It The Best 10 Seconds Ever!

Most users will click away from a video within the first 5-10 seconds so you’ll need to grab their attention immediately. This should include a quick intro of who you are and what the video is going to be about.

Bring the passion and energy and answer this question: “Why should I watch this video?”

Will your video make them laugh? Inspire them? Or teach them something new?

This is especially important for Video SEO on YouTube because it’s important to get your viewers to watch videos longer and will help rank your videos to the top of YouTube’s search engine.

3. Lighten Up! Don’t Be Boring.

Here’s a huge video marketing tip for 2017 because everyone and their mother is on social media trying to stand out over their competition. However, they’re boring!

They’re boring because they focus too much on trying to be like someone else who’s had success instead of just relaxing and showing their audience their true personality.

Your audience wants to laugh, feel enlightened, and be pulled out of their lame 9-5 job to see what’s going on with you. Don’t be constrained by what’s gone before you in your industry and try to emulate someone else.

This is your business – if you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong!

4. Video SEO, Baby! Optimize For Searches.

This is a little more difficult for Facebook Live, however, it’s amazing for video marketing on YouTube and being found on Google! Also, it’s two different platforms that you need to treat a little differently.

For example, the title of your video

  • YouTube; title should be what users are typing in search engines.
  • Facebook; title should be catchy and pique people’s curiosity.

Secondly, if you really want to take advance of Video Search Engine Optimization (Video SEO) on YouTube, you want to hammer your video with keywords and a great description. This helps Google and YouTube understand exactly what your video is about.

Lastly, I’m a huge fan of embedding videos from my YouTube channel onto my WordPress Blog as a video marketing strategy. The reason I love this is because you’re “killing two birds with one stone” by getting your YouTube video to the top of the search engines as well as having your blog article on the front of Google’s front page of search engines. Google owns YouTube…so why not take advantage of this for Video SEO Marketing?

How to embed YouTube video?

online video marketing seo tips

Find your video on YouTube. Click “SHARE” and then click “EMBED” where it will give you a code to copy/paste into your website. It’s that simple!

Other Great Resources:

In conclusion…

These four tips have helped me grow a significant online business through the use of video marketing. If you’re serious about making money online, I would highly recommend getting on video (either YouTube or Facebook Live) as soon as possible and showing people what you have to offer.

I wish you all the success in the world!

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