How To Overcome Fear Of Rejection In Network Marketing
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How To Overcome Fear Of Rejection In Network Marketing



The biggest key to having success in network marketing is first understanding how to overcome fear of rejection with your prospects. This fear initially prevents most people from first starting their own business, leaving them stuck, as well as having the uncertainty as to whether or not they’d have success. If you feel like I’m talking to you, I most likely am.


Here are a few tips that will help you handle rejection in network marketing.




How To Overcome Fear Of Rejection In Network Marketing


What’s your attitude/expectations of enrolling someone?

I’d bet you’d be really excited if you started your new business and you enrolled a few right people right from the beginning and made your money back. I’d also bet that you’d start to get down on yourself and question your decision if you heard a bunch of people tell you no, right?


Here’s my first big tip to overcome fear of rejection:  stop putting stress on whether people enroll with you or not. I know it’s difficult, but there should be ZERO expectations or emotions from what your prospects say. I understand that is tough when you’ve invested money and you need to make money. However, people can smell the neediness and the fear of rejection like a dog!


Disassociate yourself from the results.

The best example to help you overcome the fear of rejection is like being a waitress at a restaurant.


If you’ve ever waited on tables, I’m sure you’ve asked your customers if they want dessert after the their meal. When they told you “no,” did you freak out in the back room and question yourself, call desserts a scam, and tell yourself that restaurants don’t work?


No, you simple asked the people at the next table if they wanted dessert.


That’s all that you have to overcome fear of rejection in network marketing. It’s a quick mindset trick to understand you just have to talk to more people. And by the way, there’s 2 billion people on Facebook alone…there’s an abundance of people who are looking for an opportunity online to make an extra income from home.


“Sorting Versus Selling” in Network Marketing

Two tips here: how you set it up and how you sort.


Here’s a simple way to set up your “posture” when showing the business opportunity video and show your prospects that their decision won’t affect you. Almost as you’re simply doing them a favor, not them doing you a favor by watching the video.


Tell them, “I think you’re going to see this and be fired up and excited. But listen, it makes no difference to me either way. Just wanted to give you the opportunity to see it. Chat soon.”


Isn’t that pretty simple to say to someone? Once you take this approach and get fed up with your fear of rejection, you’ll start to have a lot of fun.


Once you understand that, it’s just a “sort versus sell” game where you’re not focused on selling, selling, selling, but now you’re just SORTING through the people who want to join you and the ones who don’t. The ones who see opportunity or don’t.


In conclusion…


I promise you when you leave out the emotions and the expectations of whether people join you or not, trick your mindset like you’re just looking for people who want dessert, and you set up your messages in a way that it won’t affect you whether they tell you yes or no.


When you stop being afraid of people telling you no, they start saying yes.


When you stop being afraid of people telling you no, they start saying yes. Click To Tweet



If you’ve enjoyed this blog and video training, give me your feedback in the comments section below. I’d love to hear how it’s helped you.


Cheers to your success!











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