MLM Side Hustle: 5 Steps for Busy Parents
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MLM Side Hustle: 5 Steps for Busy Parents

busy parents MLM side hustleIf you’re two extremely busy parents who are looking to make an extra income in your MLM business, here are five steps to help you with your side hustle.

As a new father, I understand how little time you have going from diaper to diaper and can only work in between naps, while working your 40 hour work week on top of that. These five steps will allow you to focus more on the business building activities and make more money in your MLM business.

5 Steps for Busy Parents to Rock Their MLM Side Hustle

1. MLM Prospecting Leads

First and foremost, let’s be clear…if you want to have success building your side hustle in MLM, you must show your business opportunity or product offer to people. I understand that most people are concerned what other’s might think of them being part of a network marketing business or maybe they’re scared of hearing rejection…but you need to get over that fear and concern.

Do you think a waitress is worried about rejection when they ask, “did you leave room for dessert?” and you tell them no? They do not.

2. Pique Their Curiosity

There are a lot of different “scripts” to use to see if people are interested in joining your MLM business opportunity or at least being a testimonial for the products.

My personal favorite question to ask is, “Hey listen, I have no idea if this is a right fit for you or not, or if I’m barking up the wrong tree here…but just curious, are you at all open to making an extra part-time income if it didn’t interfere with what you’re currently doing? If not, no biggie.

Listen to the video below to hear why this phrase is so powerful and why this script will pique your MLM prospect’s interest to ask for more information.

3. Point Them To A Video

Why point your prospect to a video if you already know everything there is to know about your company, product, compensation plan, and so on?

  1. You have limited time as busy parents, remember?
  2. A video will “weed out” uninterested MLM prospects.
  3. This shows your prospect that they don’t have to memorize and learn everything there is to know about the company, compensation plan, product, etc to be successful in this side hustle…they just have to point people to a video as well. Simple.

4. Pass Them To Your Upline Sponsor

After your prospect watches the video you sent them that best explains your opportunity or product, they are very interested but probably have a few questions. If you’re just getting started with your MLM business and you’re still learning the ropes, you may want to leverage your upline sponsor to help answer your prospect’s questions and help you enroll this new business partner to your team.

You can do this over the phone or in a Facebook Messenger with the three of you.

This helps for two reasons. You get to learn from your upline sponsor how to handle objections and answer questions like a professional. Also, because if your prospect decides to join your business, they see they have two people who will be there to support them in their new side hustle as well.

5. Plug Them Into Your Team’s Training

Congratulations! You’ve just enrolled a new business partner. Now it’s your duty to help them get started and start growing their business as well. Again, as busy parents it’s going to be important to plug them into your team training system that will show them how to grow their business step-by-step.

If you don’t have a training system, that’s okay…use your upline sponsor’s training system or ask your MLM company where to locate trainings for all new distributors.

Or, share this blog with them and they can watch the video above. 😉

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In conclusion…

There are many, many examples of busy parents that have had great success in their MLM side hustle business and started with very limited time. If that’s you, just keep it simple and follow these five steps and teach your new business partners to do the same. I promise you’ll have success in your  new side hustle.

I wish you all the success and happiness in the world!

mlm side hustle parents


P.S. If you ever considered working with me personally and you’re interested in creating more time, wealth, and freedom in your life as a busy parent as well… reach out to me here and we’ll see if our MLM side hustle is a right fit for you.




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