Should You Use Scripts When Prospecting in Network Marketing?
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Should You Use Scripts When Prospecting in Network Marketing?

Are scripts an effective way for prospecting in Network Marketing? Here’s how you sound authentic when presenting your MLM business to people.


In the video below, I explain how to use scripts when prospecting in Network Marketing to talk to more people faster and more effectively to see if they’d be open to making an extra income on the side. There are TWO major points to cover that allows you to find out if they are in a non-salesy or hypey way!



“Should You Use Scripts When Prospecting?”


Sometimes,scripts can come off as fake and robotic like people feel like they’re talking to someone else. This can really harm your business and make branding as an Entrepreneur in Network Marketing even harder. However, here’s a two step formula that allows you to reach out to people in a sincere way to see if they’d be open to a new business opportunity.


Two Step Prospecting Formula


Step 1: “Are you open?”


First, what would you say to someone if they asked you if you’d be open to making some extra income on the side? 


I know I would say, “Depends on what it is, really.”


This is extremely important verbiage to use when you’re prospecting because when you ask “ARE YOU OPEN?” you’re not asking them to buy anything or to join a business. You’re just asking if they’re open.


If you watch the video above, you can hear how to message people (instead of copying/pasting your entire friends list) to see if they’re at all open to making some extra income on the side.


Step 2: “If Not, No Biggie.”


When I ask people, “Hey, just curious…I might be barking up the wrong tree here and not too sure if it’s a fit, but just curious if you’re at all open to making some extra cash flow on the side while having a damn good time as well. If not, no biggie.


The reason I love using “if not, no biggie” is because it’s posture AND it allows your prospect an easy exit if they have zero interest. I don’t want people to feel pressured and I definitely don’t want to convince people to join my MLM business or purchase the product.


If they’re open to a side income. Then I’ll share the video with them and they can make an adult decision as to whether or not they see the same opportunity as I did.



Do MLM Scripts actually work?


Your main objective is simple. Get people to look at the information. It is so simple it may be hard to understand just how important this is!


Just reaching out to give information is such a huge step! Info can instantly sell people to your business. If they can’t decide yet guess what? No biggie! Now Facebook’s algorithm see’s you building a relationship with that person and BOOM! They will start seeing your post more a lot more often, which gives them a lot more information!

Let people know your talking to them, find out if they are open and start sending info, if not MOVE ON


In Conclusion


Scripts are so useful! They will be the fastest route to mass mobilization of information in a MLN business but don’t let them handicap you. Every blessing can be a curse and if you focus on the script more and more eventually you will lose yourself and people will see and feel it.


Always remember to ask if they are open to gaining an income from home, and if they say no just move on.


Lastly, NEVER forget the objective! You are a Multi-Level Marketer! You main skill needs to be getting information to people. Selling your product and developing your team is important, but if you don’t get information and Prospect, you won’t be doing either of those things!


A MASSIVE way to boost your MLN can be as simple as a script to help you follow your objective.


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