How To Recruit MORE People In Your MLM Business
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How To Recruit MORE People In Your MLM Business

Struggling to recruit quality prospects in your MLM business? Here are three excellent tips to efficiently recruit 20 new reps per month in your MLM business!

In the video below, I explain three great ways to Recruit MORE People In Your Multi-Level Marketing Business without scaring possible recruits away and finding those who are ready to build!



3 MUST DOs To Recruit MORE People In Your Multi-Level Marketing Business


The absolute best advice I could give you on how to recruit people is using a video. Letting people know you know everything about your company will destroy your business. Sending a video will help you sign so much more people! However, only if you follow these three tips.


MLM Recruiting Tip #1: “Duplication”


When you’re talking about working from home and making extra income on the side, you want to show people how much fun you’re having! People are going to want to duplicate your success, but they don’t want to learn hundreds of details with the company or the products!


That’s very intimidating to a lot of people and can completely destroy the chances of them joining. 


This is why you send a video that will best explain your MLM business or your great products. If they see all you have to do is show people a video to be successful, then they see for themselves that they can be successful as well.  No details you have to sit there and learn or become an expert in any way.


Just leverage sending a video. That’s duplicatable. When giving someone info is that simple, duplicating becomes a breeze.


To be successful in Network Marketing, it doesn't matter what you know. It matters what duplicates. Click To Tweet



MLM Recruiting Tip #2: “Say Less to More People!”


Now that you have that person watching that 5-10 minute video, you can now go talk to more people. This is perfect for those with limited time and allows them to focus on things that make them money rather than trying to teach the in’s and out’s of the business.


Like I mentioned earlier, your job isn’t to be the expert. Your job is the to be the messenger, not the message which will allow you to go recruit more people into your MLM business.


Step 1: Just curious if you’re open to…


I always set some time in my schedule to talk with new people every day and see if they’re open to making an extra cash flow on the side while having a damn good time doing it. If they ask what it is…I will tell them I’m busy right now but I can send them a quick video that explains everything.


Step 2: How soon can you…


You already know people are going to ask you for the details because they’re interested in making some extra income on the side while having fun. So I say, “Well, listen…I’m headed out to dinner with some friends right now but if I sent you a quick 5 minute video that explains everything, how soon would you be able to check it out and get back to me?


They tell me when they can watch it and I send the video.


This is how I recruited 20 people in 30 days last month because I just asked if they were open and when they asked for the details, I sent the video. Some people said no. Some said yes. But I just focused on how many people can I get to watch the information and not whether or not they said yes or no.


MLM Recruiting Tip #3: “Be a Protector!”


There are two things you want to protect when it comes to building a successful MLM business. That is your time and your energy.


The best thing about sending a video to recruit more reps for you is that the video will weed out “the builders and the bullshitters”. The video should explain how to make money, information about the product, and that there’s an investment with a start-up cost. 


By having this information explained in the video for your prospect to see first, it will bring you a “hot lead” after they’ve watched the video. A bullshitter probably will give you every excuse in the book for why they can’t start. A builder will give you every reason why they need to get started today.


A bullshitter probably will give you every excuse in the book for why they can't start. A builder will give you every reason why they need to get started today. Click To Tweet


In Conclusion


Ask if they are open to make a side income with you. Find out how soon they can watch a video, send it and follow up. Ask if they want to move on, or move forward. If they want to go forward, Get on that phone ASAP and solve questions. No matter what company, no matter what product, Videos are perfect leverage to get information out every day and build your Multi-Level Marketing business


Recruiting in a MLM business can often cost your time and energy, you need to protect it!


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I hope this blog on “3 MUST DOs To Recruit MORE People In Your Multi-Level Marketing Business” has helped you with your business. If so, I would love to see your feedback in the comments section below!












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