Social Media Branding in Network Marketing (with Ray Higdon) –
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Social Media Branding in Network Marketing (with Ray Higdon)

Are you wondering how to brand your business using social media? Do you struggle with understanding social media branding to recruit distributors to join your team or buy your products without branding your company, product, or team?

I struggled with this at first too.

While in Aruba with my team, I was able to interview Ray Higdon with his best advice for using Social Media to brand and market yourself as a professional within Network Marketing.

Social Media Branding in Network Marketing (with Ray Higdon)

If you’re using the company name or products in your social media past, a few things will happen.

1. You will turn away business.

When your friends on Facebook or Instagram see you posting about your company’s products, they will be more likely to go to Amazon or eBay in order to save money.

You just turned away business.

Also if you’re posting “join my team” on social media and you mention your company’s name, your friends will most likely go to Google or YouTube to read the reviews. They won’t check out the good reviews, they will check out the BAD reviews from some uneducated moron who says it’s a scam or the products don’t work.

That’s why people watch read newspapers or watch CNN (aka “Constant Negative News”) every morning.

2. You’re branding a company, not you.

What would you do if something horrific happened to your company after four years of hard work and the company shut down? Or you decided one day that you wanted to create your own product or offer? Or maybe start a different business?

Well, all the work that you did for the past four years is now GONE because you used social media to brand your Network Marketing company, and not you.

People will join you because they want your lifestyle.

The product might be great and the best in the industry. The company may have awesome brand recognition. No one cares. People don’t join businesses…people join people.

That is why it’s important to use social media to brand the lifestyle of an entrepreneur or brand what the product has done for you or your customers, but no mention of the product and definitely not the company.

Be sure to watch Ray Higdon’s tips below on using Social Media Branding within Network Marketing.





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