5 Effective Strategies for Team Building in Network Marketing
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team building in network marketing mlm

5 Effective Strategies for Team Building in Network Marketing

Here are five effective strategies and tips for Team Building in Network Marketing IF you want to grow a large MLM business.


Truth Bombs About MLM Team Building


The honest truth when it comes to growing a successful network marketing team is that it can be frustrating and a bit overwhelming at times. Leadership is hard and takes work/patience to get to the next level in your business.


If you’re reading this, I’m sure you’ve had teammates who aren’t as motivated as you are to build a business or you’ve had people go inactive or quit their business after a few days of starting. Maybe you’re frustrated with the slow growth you’re team is having and you’ve compared your network marketing business to others in the company who are growing fast.


That’s normal to have these feelings. Here are a few tips to help you grow your MLM team more efficiently and have a lot of fun while doing it.


mlm team building in network marketing


Tips for Team Building in Network Marketing


1. Don’t assume.


It’s tough to assume that everyone who signs up actually wants to be successful in their business. I’m sure you’ve had times where you’ve enrolled a new business partner, gone over their why, showed them the tools they need to use to be successful, and they never did anything.


You can’t want success more for them than they do for themselves and you can’t assume they’ll actually be a business builder. Just do what you do best – point them to the tools they need to use to be successful, connect them with your team, answer questions that they have, and follow up at times.


2. Give the majority of your time to the deserving. 


This was extremely difficult for me to understand when I first started growing a large network marketing organization. Time is the most valuable commodity. There just isn’t enough time in the day to personally work with everyone in your downline so it will be important for you to spend your time wisely with those who are willing to put in the work and are coachable.


You need to use a strategy on who you will spend the majority of your time with. There are always some recruits who will try to take a lot of your time but never produce.

Give your time to the “movers and shakers.” Yes, you need to spend time with all, but don’t allow the ones who are doing little take the majority of your time.


3. Don’t be a boss.


Most people start their network marketing business because they don’t want a boss – I know that’s why I started. There’s a huge difference between being a leader in MLM and being a boss. A leader is simply someone who puts in the work and does what they tell others to do. A boss is someone who sits there manages their team on what to do without taking action themselves.


Tips for Growing A Big MLM Team


1. Culture is everything.


One of the biggest mistakes I made in the beginning stages of my network marketing career was that I thought that in order to grow a large mlm business fast, I would need to toughen up my distributors with “real talk” and tell them how it is. That if they were serious about building a successful network marketing business, there were zero excuses.


This is one of the worst strategies for team building.


Instead, you should SHOWER love over EVERYONE on your team, regardless of their level of success or work ethic. If people don’t feel appreciated, they won’t stick around.


When you ask people inside highly successful groups to describe their relationship with one another, they all tend to choose the same word. This word is not FRIENDS or TEAM or TRIBE or any other plausible term. The word they use is FAMILY. What’s more, they tend to describe the feeling of those relationships in the same way.


2. Recognize accomplishments – big or small.


Every single person I have ever met loves getting recognized for their efforts and accomplishments. By publicly recognizing team members whether the accomplishment is big or small, you will help build their esteem and drive them to the path of success.


Here’s a HUGE network marketing tip and trick for growing a large organization.


  1. Recognize teammates for sending their first 10 invites.
  2. Celebrate them for doing their first FB Live video
  3. Acknowledge them for hearing their first 5 No’s
  4. Hug them for attending live company events.
  5. Send them a Christmas card.
  6. Give shoutouts for completing their first PD book.


Notice something? Nothing I mentioned above had anything to do with their production of sales or enrolling new business partners. However, that spotlight and pat on the back that says “job well done” will go a lot further in the beginning to help them see that these small wins turn into HUGE victories.


In conclusion…


To be honest, there are a lot of effective team building strategies and tips for growing large MLM organizations in Network Marketing such as keeping the pace of the leader or simply promoting from event to event and so on.


What I’ve found is that culture of an organization, the family vibe that people feel part of, and keeping your eyes focused on your own work while helping your leaders get to the next level in their business is the most important aspect when it comes to team building in Network Marketing.


Cheers to all of your success!










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