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The Best MLM Recruiting Scripts

There are a lot of opinions in the Network Marketing world on what the best recruiting script is. What I have found is that by the time you get to the close, your prospect has already made up their mind on whether they want to sign up or not. If they’ve decided that they aren’t interested, there really isn’t much you can say to change their minds.

However, if they are interested, these MLM recruiting scripts that you use can make the difference between them signing up today and them going home to think about it and then second guessing themselves and never signing up.

Here are a few of the best MLM recruiting scripts that I still use to this day and why this five step formula works best for recruiting prospects to take a look at your business.

The Best MLM Recruiting Scripts

There are five steps to this MLM recruiting formula that you want to use every day.

  1. Making the Invite
  2. Why are they interested?
  3. Be in a Hurry
  4. Point them to a third party tool
  5. Follow up!

Step 1: Making the Invite.

The first step is making the invite to see if people are open to taking a look at either your MLM business opportunity or your product offer. A simple way to invite them to take a look (and also get to the point) is by asking this:

“Hey _____, I know you’ve probably noticed my posts about my newest business and I realized I never actually asked you if you’d be open to taking a look. I’ve always respected you and you’re super sharp. I don’t know if you have any openness or not, or if I’m barking up the wrong tree here.. but if you’re open at all, I’d love to share with you what I’m doing to see if it’s even a fit for you. If not, no biggie.”

Pretty simple invite script, right?

Remember, you’re not asking them to buy anything or to climb a mountain on the hottest day of the year. You’re using this simple invite script to see if they’d be open to taking a look at how you’re helping people make an extra income from home.

Step 2: Why are they interested?

This is an important step of the MLM recruiting scripts that you cannot skip or else people will feel like you don’t care why they need extra money in their life. If you skip this step, it will tell your prospect that you really don’t care why they need an extra income in their life and you’re just there to “swipe their card” and move on.

Oh really? What has you looking to make extra money?
Well hold on, what has you interested in making additional money?
If you don’t mind me asking, what has you looking at making some extra money on the side?

Step 3: Be in a hurry.

As a successful business owner in network marketing, you have a lot of people to talk to. Some of the people you’re prospecting into your MLM opportunity are also business-minded as well and it’s important that you get to the point and respect their time by being in a hurry.

Also, when “you’re in a hurry” and your prospect starts asking questions about the company or the product, it’s much easier to simply point them to a video (step four) to help explain it the best.

Step 4: Point them to a third party tool

The key to success in network marketing is keeping your entire business simple and duplicatable. Not everyone knows how to explain the company’s compensation plan or the key ingredients in the products. But everyone can point their products to a quick video (third party tool) that explains everything the prospect wants to know. That’s why pointing prospects to a video is duplicatable and why distributors should follow this step of the recruiting scripts instead of trying to answer questions themselves.

Remember, your prospect is watching how you do business and thinking to themselves, “If I decide to join this business, I will have to do exactly what they’re doing.”

“Duplication starts the second you prospect someone.”

Step 5: Follow up!

The last step to recruiting prospects successfully in your MLM business is the follow up.

It’s important to hear what your prospect liked best about what they saw in the third party tool so you understand what they’re looking for when starting a business. They will tell you exactly what they want (I liked the comp plan. I liked the free product for distributors. I liked how you can win a car!) and this is the time where you be quiet and let them do all the talking.

I would also recommend, after hearing everything they liked, that you follow the four closing questions that I’ve attached in the free download above to see how to effectively recruit prospects into your MLM business.


If you have any questions, post them in the comments section below.

I wish you all the success and happiness in the world!


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